Retrospective Series 12: Children of a lesser God (Apologies to Randa Haines)

Sunday evening haiku

Book Review: The Caliph's House

Phi Kappa Phi

As the stock markets crashed...

Economy in a nose dive

Book Review: The God Delusion

Forgive the mess

iPhone App Review 1: Yelp

Turning a corner

Blogging from my iphone 3G

Download Firefox 3 and Create a World Record


Gone : Yes, the writer's block is gone!

James Hadley Chase

Ghita - Cleopatra Straton

Just Imagine my shock when I opened today's newspaper

Thunderbird to Outlook and vice versa.

Shackleton's Way

ബ്ലോഗിങ്ങ് ഇന് മല്ലു (Blogging in Malayalam)

World Hunger, one grain at a time !

Blog by mail

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Oops, missed one more

New Year Resolutions.

Happy New Year