As the stock markets crashed...

While the stock markets crash, and precious savings vanish in front of everyone's eyes, there are a few brave people who will log into their portfolio's and check on what happened and even attempt course correction. Then there are others who will want to stay away lest, they be faced with a sorrowful picture. I am afraid, I belong to the latter fold. Ignorance is bliss. I will wait for the markets to rally back before I login. Till then, portfolio, you are on your own. I shall not spend sleepless nights imagining what if scenarios, because I believe in the philosophy that what goes down must come up (Yogi's third law), especially if your holdings are golden. By the way if anyone owned Wachovia or AIG, sorry folks. Tough luck. Sh** happens.

P.S: I succumbed and did log in to invest into some gems that were going dirt cheap though, but covered my eyes so as not to look at the balance sheet. So in theory I did not keep up my word.... but hey what the heck, its my money.