James Hadley Chase

There was a period in my teens when I had discovered an author who wrote western and other American mysteries. I had finished the entire collection that my local library had to offer on this guy. But so many years later, I have been wracking my brain to remember his name. Well finally as I was searching something on wikipedia I saw a name and recognition was instant. It was "James Hadley Chase". Yes for those of you who have read him, you will agree he is definitely an interesting read when you are younger, waiting to go into the world and see things and experience stuff.. for those who think he is a pure pulp fiction author, ok I'll buy that, but nevertheless he is worth a read. And for those who think they haven't read him and would like to give it a try, my advice, well ok give it a try but you might not appreciate it now if you are beyond your 30s. Or maybe I am wrong. Anyway here's to an author who provided entertainment during a lot of summer holidays, when the sun was too hot to venture out. May his soul rest in peace.

Wikipedia on James Hadley Chase
P.S: Ok enough with the giggling ladies, its not what you think, the book covers are just a marketing strategy !.


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