Gone : Yes, the writer's block is gone!

My absence for a while can easily be construed to be part of my routine disappearance from the blog due to other pressures...home, work you name it. This time around though, apart from these regular pressures there was one additional reason. Writer's block.
Yes, for those who write occasionally or even regularly, this disease is well known.
Why does it occur ?.
I have not the faintest idea.
How do you know you have this disease ?
Trust me, you will know it when you get it. Its that bad. The very idea of opening a document or a page or a tool to write something will get you feeling dizzy, nauseated, depressed and that strange feeling of guilt dawns on you, making you feel as if you have finally reached the end of your writing days. Alas, it was not meant to last too long.
When do you know you have recovered from the disease ?
Oh, that too you will know. Take my case for example. This morning I woke up, came down to check my emails on my laptop. Saw an email from my hosting service about some account renewal stuff and that's when I remembered. Oh!, I do own a blog. Ha, got to see what's happening there, poor KB and the Fairy Blog mother must be feeling lonely these days. So I browse to the URL and thats when my firefox browser tells me that the ScribeFire tool that I use to blog has been updated. I said "Hey thats neat, let me see what they have in the new version". So what do I discover ? A whole new friendlier interface that lets me blog right(initially typed it as write, God see what writer's block does to one's English.) from my laptop without having to navigate a clumsy web interface. Voila, what is this ? "me got to test that stuff out " says the geek in me. So here I am writing about it, and as I was half way through it, I realized...woah, what has just happened here ? Yes ! Yes! Yes! I have recovered from this episode of writer's block.
Does it reappear ?
You bet it does. It sometimes reappears within a day, sometimes within weeks, months or in certain cases years. For me, its always in weeks. So as the old adage goes,"Lets make hay while the sun shines"