iPhone App Review 1: Yelp

Starting today, I shall begin a new iPhone App review series. As I play with new iPhone Apps and install them, you should see some reviews and comments on what I feel about them. I shall try my best to be completely unbiased in my reviews.
Yelp http://www.yelp.com/
Yogi says
A neat little app that combines the best of search, reviews, ratings, location services and an indepth database of information provides the most uptodate experience in finding places near to where a user is located. Truly worthy of being installed on one's iphone.

Yogi's Scenario:
Friday afternoon, 12:45 PM. She calls me and asks me if I have plans for lunch. I obviously say "None". She then asks me if I want to take her out for lunch. I agree, get into the car with her and while driving, bring up Yelp on the iPhone. I search for a list of restaurants nearby. I filter on the cuisine options (We were in the mood for afghan), find one very highly rated kabob place, drive over there, find the place packed as mentioned in the reviews...wait while the food is prepared, and end up having some really really delicious fare. Well worth the wait !

Yogi's Rating