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Kajra Re - This is so not my style of blogging..but what the heck !

Get a life ! I mean second life.

A new security products group

Fall colors, a book and of course the browser wars.

Retrospective Series : Part 9 : Malgudi Days - Swami and his friends

Just switched to Blogger Beta ! Yippie !

The Alchemist - An excerpt

Xena, welcome to the family !

The British Museum

Ever wanted to climb atop Mount Everest ?

The world at night

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Am back after a brief outage

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Summer Breeze

Hectic Summer

Meteors and the birth of Australia.

Chandrayan I

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Metro - politan City

Why doest thy pen fall silent o valiant blogger

Hotel Rwanda... must see movie

Hotel Rwanda


Change the world.

Skipping Stones

Ethnopharmacology: Medicinal plants of India with anti-diabetic potential

The Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen Economy

Guilt Mail with some substance

Retrospective Series: Part 8: The Trekkie

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Introspection... good even outside the world of computer science

The Machinist

Attention Deficiency

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Happy New Year: 2006

Trainspotting & Of Mice and Men