Gems from the google archives....

Good evening everyone. The web grows by leaps and bounds every day and it is very hard to look for stuff on the net. Then came the search engines....booo...slow..unrelated junk would be thrown up. And then came google..... I will be posting links to websites that I find googling my way through this maze...literature, music, photography, tech sites will be some of the categories, but otherwise anything goes..even news and of course politics.

In light of this, presented are a few good ones I came across today.

We all have read short stories growing up, especially in school. Ever wanted to read all the ones that you never got to read ? Here's your chance.
Classic Short Stories

Some of my favorites are
How the leopard got its spots - Rudyard Kipling.

Saki and his memorable short stories
The Mouse - Saki

The Purloined Letter - Edgar Allan Poe

Have fun reading.... remember, short stories are the hardest to write.