Introspection... good even outside the world of computer science

I copy a snippet of my response to a debate that Atanu has initiated on his blog. If you haven't been there, it's here.

Ok, I agree that there are a lot of traits in Indian voters which should lead one to conclude what Atanu suggests.... BUT, how can we change that ?

1) India has a large population of under literate , pseudo literate or illiterate folks that outnumber the rational, literate or logical reasoning driven individuals.
2) Our democracy is based on a linear system where every person's vote counts as one and hence a crook standing for election, in a district with 70% illiteracy can muscle his way into an elected position.
3) Any person once elected, can be "chosen" as a minister, prime minister, whatever.

Some Remedies
1) Lets not do this one man one vote business. Let us add weightage to votes.
2) The weightage must be applied based on a large number of factors. Monetary background of a person should NOT be one of them. Education definitely should be. I leave the other parameters open for debate.
3) Now coming to the elected personnel themselves, just because one got elected, doesn't make you eligible to be "prime minister", you have to have certain weightage yourselves, including the weightage of the people who voted for you to garner your own index to reach different power positions.
4) Politicans cannot change constituencies with their own will and fancy. They have to run from their native or adopted constituency with proof of residence.

It is quite complex, I know, but the incentive for an aspiring politician to improve his power position would be make sure that his constituents grow in their own weightage and he in turn grows closer to a ministerial chair.

My two cents,