Happy New Year: 2006

Happy New Year everybody ! This year feels different, I can already tell. There is something about it. I can tell. The reason I can tell is because I made my digit countable resolutions at least a week in advance and would you believe it...even started observing them before the new year was born. How atypical of me ! So I can tell. If it were any different, and I had behaved like I usually do, like missing all of my resolutions on the first day of the new year, then I would be thinking; "Ah, another typical year".

Someone loaded my brain with an urban myth when I was in middle school saying "What thou doest on New Year's day, thou shalt do all year round.". So I would desperately try to study something, do some homework, on New Year's day so that I could put at least the studying part of my life on auto pilot. If only.

At least I don't believe in it anymore, but my wife still does and she enticed me into cooking breakfast on New Year's day hoping that I would make it for the rest of the year. Hmmm, interesting experiment. Results are awaited.