Turning a corner

This is a blog entry that I thought of as I was contemplating my return to the blog world. Like a million times before, I can various reasons why I have been unable to keep up the pace of blogging. My readers gently enquire, not wanting to sound rude I guess, but the close ones know the reason. But to the other nameless ones to whom I am yet another pseudonym', I shall offer this. I have just turned a corner. The anticipation of this corner was what had slowed down my pace over the past few months. I am done with my corner, having taken the bend without skidding... in fact I have managed to stay on track and come out with flying colors.

Speaking of turning corners, I guess every person goes through significant turns in their life. I myself can remember seven or eight such major and minor turns that have shaped me into the person that I currently have turned out to be. Good or bad, this is me. So this time around, we are going to have a blast. Why should this time be any different you ask... and I say, well wait and see. Or to put it in "Indian" as my colleague calls "Hindi",
"Aage aage dekhiye, hotha hai kya" or to typecast it in true form "आगे आगे देखिये होता है क्या !"
Man, I feel fresh from that long slumber. Hey Yogi! Whassup man. I must have been sleeping for a while now. Why didn't you wake me up? Anyways, feels good to be awake dude!
Yogi and KB, good evening. I was visiting my grand niece. She has a wonderful blog you know. She had invited me over for some advice. I was so home sick even though I did have a nice time with my niece. I was longing to be back and I guess I am back now. Hope you guys did miss me, because I sure did miss you.