27 October 2008

Retrospective Series 12: Children of a lesser God (Apologies to Randa Haines)

Everyone experiences certain incidents in their lives, that change them permanently one way or the other. One incident that I remember changed me and affects me to this day.
I was probably 9 when this incident occurred, but I may be off by a year or so. The sight of the boy is clear as day in my memory, despite all this time having passed. He was probably a couple of years older than me, tall, lean as a stick, bones sticking out; especially evident because he was completely ...


26 October 2008

Sunday evening haiku

Sunday evening, lazing on my couch
Chores complete;
Bliss lasts barely a minute.
As I recall my chores for next week.
- Yogi

19 October 2008

Book Review: The Caliph's House

A very interesting book I finished reading recently was Tahir Shah's "The Caliph's House". A personal account of a family's transplant from a first world country to...
There's More

04 October 2008

Phi Kappa Phi

I recently received an invitation to join the Phi Kappa Phi fraternity. Because this is an invitation only society that confers membership to students and alumni of US universities who finish in the top 10% of the entire university across all disciplines, I was pretty excited about it and have decided to join.
So here's a moment of self promotion and some chest thumping. Drum rooooolllllll. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy !

30 September 2008

As the stock markets crashed...

While the stock markets crash, and precious savings vanish in front of everyone's eyes, there are a few brave people who will log into their portfolio's and check on what happened and even attempt course correction. Then there are others who will want to stay away lest, they be faced with a sorrowful picture. I am afraid, I belong to the latter fold. Ignorance is bliss. I will wait for the markets to rally back before I login. Till then, portfolio, you are on your own. I shall not spend sleepless nights imagining what if scenarios, because I believe in the philosophy that what goes down must come up (Yogi's third law), especially if your holdings are golden. By the way if anyone owned Wachovia or AIG, sorry folks. Tough luck. Sh** happens.

P.S: I succumbed and did log in to invest into some gems that were going dirt cheap though, but covered my eyes so as not to look at the balance sheet. So in theory I did not keep up my word.... but hey what the heck, its my money.

25 September 2008

Economy in a nose dive

Open letter to the politicians

Folks you guys have some balls to take my money and pass it on to wall

You will get my answer come nov 4th.

14 August 2008

Book Review: The God Delusion

I recently finished reading Richard Dawkins' book 'The God Delusion'. I bought the book, at my local Costco after reading the back cover, which lead me to believe that the book would provide a set of logical explanations and conclusively prove that God does not exist. After finishing the book [Read More...]

13 August 2008

Forgive the mess

This blog is being revamped. So if you see some "dust" please bear with me. Drop me a note if you have problems viewing the blog. A late summer cleaning is in progress. Should have been done in spring, but then you know how procrastinators work !

11 August 2008

iPhone App Review 1: Yelp

Starting today, I shall begin a new iPhone App review series. As I play with new iPhone Apps and install them, you should see some reviews and comments on what I feel about them. I shall try my best to be completely unbiased in my reviews.
Yelp http://www.yelp.com/
Yogi says
A neat little app that combines the best of search, reviews, ratings, location services and an indepth database of information provides the most uptodate experience in finding places near to where a user is located. Truly worthy of being installed on one's iphone.

Yogi's Scenario:
Friday afternoon, 12:45 PM. She calls me and asks me if I have plans for lunch. I obviously say "None". She then asks me if I want to take her out for lunch. I agree, get into the car with her and while driving, bring up Yelp on the iPhone. I search for a list of restaurants nearby. I filter on the cuisine options (We were in the mood for afghan), find one very highly rated kabob place, drive over there, find the place packed as mentioned in the reviews...wait while the food is prepared, and end up having some really really delicious fare. Well worth the wait !

Yogi's Rating

Turning a corner

This is a blog entry that I thought of as I was contemplating my return to the blog world. Like a million times before, I can various reasons why I have been unable to keep up the pace of blogging. My readers gently enquire, not wanting to sound rude I guess, but the close ones know the reason. But to the other nameless ones to whom I am yet another pseudonym', I shall offer this. I have just turned a corner. The anticipation of this corner was what had slowed down my pace over the past few months. I am done with my corner, having taken the bend without skidding... in fact I have managed to stay on track and come out with flying colors.

Speaking of turning corners, I guess every person goes through significant turns in their life. I myself can remember seven or eight such major and minor turns that have shaped me into the person that I currently have turned out to be. Good or bad, this is me. So this time around, we are going to have a blast. Why should this time be any different you ask... and I say, well wait and see. Or to put it in "Indian" as my colleague calls "Hindi",
"Aage aage dekhiye, hotha hai kya" or to typecast it in true form "आगे आगे देखिये होता है क्या !"
Man, I feel fresh from that long slumber. Hey Yogi! Whassup man. I must have been sleeping for a while now. Why didn't you wake me up? Anyways, feels good to be awake dude!
Yogi and KB, good evening. I was visiting my grand niece. She has a wonderful blog you know. She had invited me over for some advice. I was so home sick even though I did have a nice time with my niece. I was longing to be back and I guess I am back now. Hope you guys did miss me, because I sure did miss you.

13 July 2008

Blogging from my iphone 3G

Yes! I can't believe it either. I stood in line for four hours on Saturday and am finally the proud parent of a cute little baby iPhone 3G. Both dad and baby are doing fine!

More thoughts on the new version is bound to be the subject of my next few blog posts.

26 April 2008


"So, did you call ?"
"Not yet honey. But I will once I am done writing this short story."
"Yeah, right!"
"Trust me, I will".
"So, what's the short story about ?"
"Its about a guy procrastinating over a phone call."
"Interesting, so how does it end ?"
"Haven't made up my mind yet !"

(c) copyright Karmayogi 04/26/2008
Note: If you like what you read, please link to this post instead of copying it. Please respect my copyright.

Gone : Yes, the writer's block is gone!

My absence for a while can easily be construed to be part of my routine disappearance from the blog due to other pressures...home, work you name it. This time around though, apart from these regular pressures there was one additional reason. Writer's block.
Yes, for those who write occasionally or even regularly, this disease is well known.
Why does it occur ?.
I have not the faintest idea.
How do you know you have this disease ?
Trust me, you will know it when you get it. Its that bad. The very idea of opening a document or a page or a tool to write something will get you feeling dizzy, nauseated, depressed and that strange feeling of guilt dawns on you, making you feel as if you have finally reached the end of your writing days. Alas, it was not meant to last too long.
When do you know you have recovered from the disease ?
Oh, that too you will know. Take my case for example. This morning I woke up, came down to check my emails on my laptop. Saw an email from my hosting service about some account renewal stuff and that's when I remembered. Oh!, I do own a blog. Ha, got to see what's happening there, poor KB and the Fairy Blog mother must be feeling lonely these days. So I browse to the URL and thats when my firefox browser tells me that the ScribeFire tool that I use to blog has been updated. I said "Hey thats neat, let me see what they have in the new version". So what do I discover ? A whole new friendlier interface that lets me blog right(initially typed it as write, God see what writer's block does to one's English.) from my laptop without having to navigate a clumsy web interface. Voila, what is this ? "me got to test that stuff out " says the geek in me. So here I am writing about it, and as I was half way through it, I realized...woah, what has just happened here ? Yes ! Yes! Yes! I have recovered from this episode of writer's block.
Does it reappear ?
You bet it does. It sometimes reappears within a day, sometimes within weeks, months or in certain cases years. For me, its always in weeks. So as the old adage goes,"Lets make hay while the sun shines"

James Hadley Chase

There was a period in my teens when I had discovered an author who wrote western and other American mysteries. I had finished the entire collection that my local library had to offer on this guy. But so many years later, I have been wracking my brain to remember his name. Well finally as I was searching something on wikipedia I saw a name and recognition was instant. It was "James Hadley Chase". Yes for those of you who have read him, you will agree he is definitely an interesting read when you are younger, waiting to go into the world and see things and experience stuff.. for those who think he is a pure pulp fiction author, ok I'll buy that, but nevertheless he is worth a read. And for those who think they haven't read him and would like to give it a try, my advice, well ok give it a try but you might not appreciate it now if you are beyond your 30s. Or maybe I am wrong. Anyway here's to an author who provided entertainment during a lot of summer holidays, when the sun was too hot to venture out. May his soul rest in peace.

Wikipedia on James Hadley Chase
P.S: Ok enough with the giggling ladies, its not what you think, the book covers are just a marketing strategy !.

08 March 2008

Ghita - Cleopatra Straton

Once in a while, there comes along a star voice, that just stops your breath, holds you in awe of the talent that some people are born with. Then when you read about the person, and know their age, you are just spell bound. Wow ! is all you can utter. One such person is Cleopatra Stratan. She recorded her first album at the age of 3. I can write pages probably, but these links should do the deed too.

Featured in this post's video clipping is one of her most famous recording "Ghita" in English and its lyrics. The last Stanza is in Romanian, her native language.

The coat is inside out,
There is no sun above
Nothing is going good
Since I think of Ghita.
But Ghita's not in town
I asked why he's not around
It seems to me he's gone
He's gone abroad

Hard, I think it's very hard
Want, I don't know what I want
I know that you like me too
Ghita, what is up with you?
Young, come on in or go
Young, tell me yes or no
Ghita, please dont´t anger me
Tell me how your life will be

Tonight I'm waiting at the wicket
Me at the station I bought a ticket
Come to,
But don't come as you did before
As usually with empty hands...
Who else
Will wait and sing for you as I do
Entire evening just getting there
Show me a girl who's found of you
That loves you more as much as I do...

Ghita, te-astept diseara la portita
Langa portita de la scoala
Vino da numa nu vini cum vii tu
De obicei cu mana goala
Cine te mai asteapta ca si mine
O seara intreaga numai pe tine.
Ghita, arata-mi tu o fata care
Sa te iubeasca asa de tare!


27 February 2008

Just Imagine my shock when I opened today's newspaper

Just imagine my shock when I opened this morning's newspaper only to be confronted with this clipping.

15 February 2008

Thunderbird to Outlook and vice versa.

Ever saddled with the need to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook or vice versa. These links might be helpful.



This talks about both ways . Outlook to Thunderbird and the other way around too.

14 February 2008

Shackleton's Way

Quoting Wess Roberts, the author of "Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun"

"A terrific read! Drawn from the life and adventures of the renowned 20th century explorer, Shackleton's Way presents a rich abundance of lessons for meeting the leadership challenges and exploiting the as yet undiscovered entrepreneurial opportunities of the 21st Century."

Check it out at Amazon

This is another book that is on my bookshelf right now. Working my way through it. Good lessons to learn so far !

13 February 2008

ബ്ലോഗിങ്ങ് ഇന് മല്ലു (Blogging in Malayalam)

ഓഹ ! എന്ടൊരു അടിശേയം ! എനിക്ക് മലയാളം എഴുഥന് അറിയമേ !!

ഹ ഹ ഹ, ഐ ഹാവ് മാനേജദ് ടോ ബ്ലോഗ് ഇന് മലയാളം, എവെന് തൌഗ്ത് ഐ ഹാവ് നോ ക്ലൂ ഹൌ ടോ റീഡ് ഓര് വ്രിറെ ദിസ് ലാംഗ്വേജ് ! ഹൊവ്ഴ് ദാറ്റ് ഫോര് ആന് ഇരോണി !

What I have achieved in this post is to blog in a language that I can neither read nor write. Hence it feels pretty amazing that the transliteration has conjured up some gobbledy gook in response to some words that I typed in. For readers who can actually read the language, it must be pretty funny reading my text. For me, I just hope I will remember what I typed in for a while at least. The next sentence though is pretty easy to remember.....drumroll please....
ഇട പട്ടി, ഇട തെണ്ടി, നീ പോടാ പുല്ലേ
Aha ! That was very satisfying !

11 February 2008

World Hunger, one grain at a time !

Interested in solving world hunger. Here's something that can make you do that apart from the other unintended consequences such as improving your vocabulary, killing time, and also an indicator that it is time to find a new job, in case you are doing this at work. FYI, I am posting this after 10, watching Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN. So you know I am not doing it at work. The rest is as they say, up for grabs. Free Rice

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07 February 2008

Blog by mail

This blog post was created entirely by just typing in an email address and sending in the text that you are reading. Thats cool.


On my bookshelf

Currently on my bookshelf

1) The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins.
Very interesting read, especially agree on some of the general grievances about misplaced religious fervor in the world that we live in today. But I haven't yet finished it so my final judgment shall be reserved until then.

2) Asterix in Spain. (Yes, I am re-reading my own collection, and if anyone is an Asterix fan, they WILL UNDERSTAND. Others can go to hell)

02 January 2008

Oops, missed one more

Looks like I missed out on mentioning an important resolultion.

11) Improve sense of humor.

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01 January 2008

New Year Resolutions.

1) Blog at least once a week.
2) Brush teeth at least twice a week.
3) Shower at least once a week, especially in the summer.
4) Drink water in moderation.
5) Remember to get up from the desk and walk around once in a while.
6) Comb hair before going to work.
7) Remember to match socks before wearing them.
8) When *** *** **** * ********** ** **** *** *** ***** completely.
9) Use the massively parallel linux cluster in the basement sparingly to perform regression analysis of the probability of me keeping my new year resolutions until the last day of 2008. If unsuccessful, at least upgrade the linux kernels.
10) Use deodorant on neighbor's dog.

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Happy New Year

Me: Happy New Year Everybody !!!!

Whassup ! Yeah I know, what else ?

KB: Grmph, grmph.... You could have wished me at least personally. You do not have time these days... I have been noticing that lately. Excuses. Excuses.
Blog Mother: Happy New Year KB and Yogi ! Happy New Year to everyone reading this blog. Hope this new year is a blessed, wonderful and amazing one for each and everyone of you. Hope you get time to spend with your loved ones and always remember to say 'I love you'. It matters even though they know it.
KB: Yeah, tell that to Mr Busy. Doesn't have time for his so called loved ones. Now we are only second to his other love interests.
Blog Mother: KB. Tch Tch Tch.... not a good note to start the new year. You've got to stop being Mr. Grumpy just as Yogi has gotta stop being Mr. Busy.
Me: Kinda busy guys, will be right back.
KB: There, he goes again.
Blog Mother: Uggg.h.... hope I have the patience to be the Blog mother for this new Year and so help me God.