02 January 2008

Oops, missed one more

Looks like I missed out on mentioning an important resolultion.

11) Improve sense of humor.

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01 January 2008

New Year Resolutions.

1) Blog at least once a week.
2) Brush teeth at least twice a week.
3) Shower at least once a week, especially in the summer.
4) Drink water in moderation.
5) Remember to get up from the desk and walk around once in a while.
6) Comb hair before going to work.
7) Remember to match socks before wearing them.
8) When *** *** **** * ********** ** **** *** *** ***** completely.
9) Use the massively parallel linux cluster in the basement sparingly to perform regression analysis of the probability of me keeping my new year resolutions until the last day of 2008. If unsuccessful, at least upgrade the linux kernels.
10) Use deodorant on neighbor's dog.

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Happy New Year

Me: Happy New Year Everybody !!!!

Whassup ! Yeah I know, what else ?

KB: Grmph, grmph.... You could have wished me at least personally. You do not have time these days... I have been noticing that lately. Excuses. Excuses.
Blog Mother: Happy New Year KB and Yogi ! Happy New Year to everyone reading this blog. Hope this new year is a blessed, wonderful and amazing one for each and everyone of you. Hope you get time to spend with your loved ones and always remember to say 'I love you'. It matters even though they know it.
KB: Yeah, tell that to Mr Busy. Doesn't have time for his so called loved ones. Now we are only second to his other love interests.
Blog Mother: KB. Tch Tch Tch.... not a good note to start the new year. You've got to stop being Mr. Grumpy just as Yogi has gotta stop being Mr. Busy.
Me: Kinda busy guys, will be right back.
KB: There, he goes again.
Blog Mother: Uggg.h.... hope I have the patience to be the Blog mother for this new Year and so help me God.