15 February 2007

Martian spa

Water on Mars !!! The New York Times reports that there is new evidence of water on Mars. Hmmm, interesting, well, good, so lets find some good pools of water, and start terraforming.. first lets send in some algae that will convert the martian surface into moist soil using the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, then slowly create an atmosphere....then create a resort, then send the rich guys, then slowly make it cheaper so that middle class guys can go there and finally by the time I retire, maybe even I can retire on Mars ! Whew..thats one huge wish list. Oh yeah all possible, all we need to do...stop spending on arms, lock up all dictators in the world, free everyone in the world, solve poverty, universal health care, education for all on earth... you know what, dreams aside, maybe we should start with terra forming earth first. Stop our own bad habits or else we will soon need Mars as Plan B. So next time you leave that light on in your room or keep the tap on while shaving.. TURN IT OFF !!!

11 February 2007

Pipe dreams !

Seriously, there is no dearth of imaginative ideas and the internet is the home of such eureka moments. Look at this new concept from Yahoo called Yahoo Pipes. It basically allows one to build their own custom aggregation of aggregations and then render it to reflect awesome hidden meanings and interpretations. I am sure its final use will be much more world changing and cleverer, than what it is being currently used for. Right now its just a bunch of RSS feeds being mixed and matched to create some awesome examples of captioned pictures and the like. I imagine it will go a long way in helping us achieve the goal of the Semantic Web. But that's gonna be a bit ways away. Meanwhile I liked what I saw, so thought you all should know too (Sure..why not, like this is the only news source in the world, and I am the only reporter alive !)

A good example of a pipe.
Check out this pipe that I created.

10 February 2007


21st Century Corporations. Hah ! I love Dilbert. Geeky, techy, comical. Oh yeah of course it is a comic strip !

07 February 2007

Retrospective Series 10: Cold winters and early mornings

We've had a relatively mild winter this year. But things have suddenly changed for the worse in February. Tonight as I tap out these words, the mercury is hovering in the single digits outside. Its pretty warm and cozy inside, thanks to the central air conditioning. Yeah when I talk about single digits, I mean temperature ... Read More...

04 February 2007

Superbowl XLI

The 2006 American Football playoffs are here. The Indianapolis Colts vs The Chicago Bears. I am gonna root for the underdogs because everyone says the Colts are gonna win easily. But hey what the heck.
More NFL news at Sports Illustrated.

Update: Well the Bears did start off great...so I was right in backing them...but then they petered away that gain...and lost it...anyway a good sunday game ! Trivia: The first time an african american coached football team has made it in the superbowl !

Vakyathil Prayogikkuka (Use the following words in sentences of your own)

For the folks that can read transliteral malayalam, here goes some examples of double entendre. I picked this up from an anonymous friend of my cousin's on orkut. So the original source shall remain unknown.

POTTICHIRI - Adukkalayil undayirunna biscuit
packet aaro pottichirikkunnu

VIMMISHTAM - Idhu vare EXO dishwash bar upyogitchu madutha ammayikku ippol vimmishtamaayi

SADAACHAARAM - Jolikkaari aduppilninnum sadaa chaaram vaarum.

UTHARAM MUTTI - Innale thattinpurathu kayariyappol,ente thalayil uththaram mutti.

PIDIKITTUKA - Kuda nashttappettengilum athinte pidikitti

ADICHELPPIKKUKA - Ravile ezhunelkkathirunna ramuvine achan adichelppichu

JEEVIKKUKA - G vikkuka budhimuttanekil ini kurachu naal H vikkan sramikkam..

ETTUM POTTUM - 8 muttakal tharayil ittappol manasilaaayi, ettum pottum!

MUDANTHAN NYAAYAM - Innale kavalayil oru mudanthan nyaayam prayunnathu kettu.

AZHIMATHI - Veedu panithappol sit outtil jannal mathiyennnu achan paranjappo tintumon
paranju venda AZHI MATHI..

AAROPANAM - Innale bank locker kuthi-thurannu aaro panam moshtichu