Martian spa

Water on Mars !!! The New York Times reports that there is new evidence of water on Mars. Hmmm, interesting, well, good, so lets find some good pools of water, and start terraforming.. first lets send in some algae that will convert the martian surface into moist soil using the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, then slowly create an atmosphere....then create a resort, then send the rich guys, then slowly make it cheaper so that middle class guys can go there and finally by the time I retire, maybe even I can retire on Mars ! Whew..thats one huge wish list. Oh yeah all possible, all we need to do...stop spending on arms, lock up all dictators in the world, free everyone in the world, solve poverty, universal health care, education for all on earth... you know what, dreams aside, maybe we should start with terra forming earth first. Stop our own bad habits or else we will soon need Mars as Plan B. So next time you leave that light on in your room or keep the tap on while shaving.. TURN IT OFF !!!