Pipe dreams !

Seriously, there is no dearth of imaginative ideas and the internet is the home of such eureka moments. Look at this new concept from Yahoo called Yahoo Pipes. It basically allows one to build their own custom aggregation of aggregations and then render it to reflect awesome hidden meanings and interpretations. I am sure its final use will be much more world changing and cleverer, than what it is being currently used for. Right now its just a bunch of RSS feeds being mixed and matched to create some awesome examples of captioned pictures and the like. I imagine it will go a long way in helping us achieve the goal of the Semantic Web. But that's gonna be a bit ways away. Meanwhile I liked what I saw, so thought you all should know too (Sure..why not, like this is the only news source in the world, and I am the only reporter alive !)

A good example of a pipe.
Check out this pipe that I created.