21 December 2005

Retrospective Series: Part 7: The Christmas Cheer

Driving down the road towards our home, we are engulfed on both sides by brightly lit bushes, trees, snowmen, santa, the occasional train model, even a wierd looking cartoonish blob that remotely resembles a christmas tree. The edges of the homes are covered in dainty little yellow lights, mixed with blinking purples and red and green. The couple of snow falls that we have had since early december, add the ... Read more.

13 December 2005

Retrospective Series: Part 6: A struggle for the minds of our people !

"Liberalisation is not a process of mechanical economic policy-making, but a struggle for the minds of our people, and we do believe we are succeeding,"
- Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, Dec 2005.
ASEAN Summit.

The year was 1990. A crisp new decade. I had just finished my 10th grade and was moving on to a different school in a nearby town for my 11th and 12th grade. Television in India was exemplified by a Goliath called Doordarshan which broadcast one channel to a billion people. The 22 minutes of singles picked from Bollywood musicals and showcased as 'Chithrahaar' was the prime time show of the week. The 9 pm news usually featured Rini Simon who would read out a government sponsored baritone of the days events. A turbaned man surfaced from the Read More...

12 December 2005

Evolved from Ostriches ?

This news item tickles me no end. Wow..what a bunch of morons we elect(Yes, we are the only ones to blame in this, WE ELECT them by either not caring enough to go and vote on election day, or abscond like moi from the country itself or are so ignorant as to not know the difference). Bangalore has a huge set of problems to tackle...least important of which is its anglicised name. But then hey, who am I kidding here, the geniuses that run the show decide, that is the only way to redemption. We can live with bad roads, crumbling infrastructure, overflowing drains, bad public transport any day, but God forbid if we have to live with the name given by the imperialistic British....ooooh, that would be invitation for the wrath of all the divine Gods... so in typical Indian style, what do we do ? We have what is going to be another fiasco of a name change all paid for in cash by the Indian Tax payer. We will spend millions in gazzette notifications, repaintings, re-marketing, re-publishing and what have you.

Sometimes I think Indian politicians evolved from Ostriches rather than Apes like the rest of us. Seriously, that is the only way one can explain why they choose to bury their head in the sand instead of jumping up a tree and yelling about things like apes do. The only problem is that they live in India instead of the Australian outback where Ostriches abound. Can we extradite them there to live with their brethren ?

Caption: Picture on the left is the Bangalore-Mysore expressway that has been in the planning and construction phase since 1998. Talk of 5 year plans.

Of Rats, Cats and the fourth estate.

Oooooh this is real good. Look what the rats have been doing while the cats of India were sleeping. MPs (Mostly P**s)caught in a bribery scandal. Why don't we organize a national roast of these guys. Have a holiday declared and everyone parades them in the streets with garlands of "you-know-what". The fourth estate...keep it up guys...job well done.

03 December 2005

School Project Saturday

Saturday finds me in front of my laptop drawing usecases and sequence diagrams for a school project. Uggghhhh... Especially when the weather is a neat 60 degress for december, a blessing this time of the year. I thought of taking a break from the tap tapping of the keyboard and revert to the blog blogging sound of publishing to a blog. The non techies reading this are going 'Jeez they need to make a pill for such people.' Yeah you are right, they do have pills for people like us. I remember when I was a kid, I would keep a diary (No, its not a girly thing !!!) and then gave it up. The reason... I was too lazy to write everynight before I went to bed. My excuse... I would restart the habit once I bought a computer because typing is so much easier and cooler.
Years after buying a computer, I still haven't restarted my habit. This blog is probably the closest to a diary, except I dare not put personal info here. The web crawls with creepies and scammers and I would be food for junk mail and God knows what. Anyways you must be wondering by now, as to the general direction of this post. Well, please do not be disappointed because as I type this, I am desperately trying to find a direction to it myself, just as you are. So you are not alone. There, I am done. I just had to vent my inner thoughts. Have a good weekend.

01 December 2005

Logical Deduction @ karmayogical

A classmate of mine posted this on our group mail... thought I should share it here.... should tickle the logical yogis out there.

4 criminals are caught and are to be punished. The Judge allows them to be freed if they can solve a puzzle. If they do not, they will be hung. They agreed.
The 4 criminals are lined up on some steps (shown in picture).
They are all facing in the same direction.
A wall seperates the fourth man from the other three.

So to summarise :-
Man 1 can see men 2 and 3.
Man 2 can see man 3.
Man 3 can see none of the others.
Man 4 can see none of the others.

The criminals are wearing hats.

They are told that there are two white hats and two black hats.
The men initally don't know what colour hat they are wearing.
They are told to shout out the colour of the hat that
they are wearing as soon as they know for certain what colour it is.

They are not allowed to turn round or move.
They are not allowed to talk to each other.
They are not allowed to take their hats off.

Who is the first person to shout out and why?
PS: There is no trick to the question, just logical deduction.