School Project Saturday

Saturday finds me in front of my laptop drawing usecases and sequence diagrams for a school project. Uggghhhh... Especially when the weather is a neat 60 degress for december, a blessing this time of the year. I thought of taking a break from the tap tapping of the keyboard and revert to the blog blogging sound of publishing to a blog. The non techies reading this are going 'Jeez they need to make a pill for such people.' Yeah you are right, they do have pills for people like us. I remember when I was a kid, I would keep a diary (No, its not a girly thing !!!) and then gave it up. The reason... I was too lazy to write everynight before I went to bed. My excuse... I would restart the habit once I bought a computer because typing is so much easier and cooler.
Years after buying a computer, I still haven't restarted my habit. This blog is probably the closest to a diary, except I dare not put personal info here. The web crawls with creepies and scammers and I would be food for junk mail and God knows what. Anyways you must be wondering by now, as to the general direction of this post. Well, please do not be disappointed because as I type this, I am desperately trying to find a direction to it myself, just as you are. So you are not alone. There, I am done. I just had to vent my inner thoughts. Have a good weekend.