Evolved from Ostriches ?

This news item tickles me no end. Wow..what a bunch of morons we elect(Yes, we are the only ones to blame in this, WE ELECT them by either not caring enough to go and vote on election day, or abscond like moi from the country itself or are so ignorant as to not know the difference). Bangalore has a huge set of problems to tackle...least important of which is its anglicised name. But then hey, who am I kidding here, the geniuses that run the show decide, that is the only way to redemption. We can live with bad roads, crumbling infrastructure, overflowing drains, bad public transport any day, but God forbid if we have to live with the name given by the imperialistic British....ooooh, that would be invitation for the wrath of all the divine Gods... so in typical Indian style, what do we do ? We have what is going to be another fiasco of a name change all paid for in cash by the Indian Tax payer. We will spend millions in gazzette notifications, repaintings, re-marketing, re-publishing and what have you.

Sometimes I think Indian politicians evolved from Ostriches rather than Apes like the rest of us. Seriously, that is the only way one can explain why they choose to bury their head in the sand instead of jumping up a tree and yelling about things like apes do. The only problem is that they live in India instead of the Australian outback where Ostriches abound. Can we extradite them there to live with their brethren ?

Caption: Picture on the left is the Bangalore-Mysore expressway that has been in the planning and construction phase since 1998. Talk of 5 year plans.