30 July 2006

The British Museum

While on a quest, I found a link to the British Museum's online gallery. Very nicely done site with lot of interactive stuff to read and explore. I knew a little about Panini, but this story opened my eyes about his quest to write the correct grammar for sanskrit. Here is the story of how the Astadhyayi was born.
A very tastefully done online library about Mughal India is also something I found there.

The main site itself covers the most important civilizations of the world as we know it.

28 July 2006

Ever wanted to climb atop Mount Everest ?

I know this is an ambition that shall remain unfulfilled for a large number of us. Standing atop mount everest is a dream that only a few fortunate folks among us can ever accomplish. Rodrick Mackenzie and Hans Nyberg bring us a cool QuickTime based 360° view from atop Mt. Everest here.

27 July 2006

The world at night

The world at night ?

Gems from the google archives....

Good evening everyone. The web grows by leaps and bounds every day and it is very hard to look for stuff on the net. Then came the search engines....booo...slow..unrelated junk would be thrown up. And then came google..... I will be posting links to websites that I find googling my way through this maze...literature, music, photography, tech sites will be some of the categories, but otherwise anything goes..even news and of course politics.

In light of this, presented are a few good ones I came across today.

We all have read short stories growing up, especially in school. Ever wanted to read all the ones that you never got to read ? Here's your chance.
Classic Short Stories

Some of my favorites are
How the leopard got its spots - Rudyard Kipling.

Saki and his memorable short stories
The Mouse - Saki

The Purloined Letter - Edgar Allan Poe

Have fun reading.... remember, short stories are the hardest to write.

15 July 2006

Am back after a brief outage

Am back baby !! Ok so whatz been happening in the world the past couple of months. Hmmm let me see, the usual, oil prices going up, trouble in the middle east, pakistan playing the game of thousand cuts..... nothing really has changed has it. Well what did I expect, everything would magically cure itself. Hell, this ain't no heaven... this is plain old earth, populated by plain old "social animals" called humans. Hah aristotle, if only you were wiser, you would have left out the word social from your famous quote.

Come to think of it my retrospective series has'nt been out since december of last year. Wow that is a 6 month hiatus. Anyway, hope to rectify that soon.

My deepest condolences to the bombay blast victims. The irony of a bomb blast in a third world country hardly can be escaped while living in a first world country. There is hardly any editorial about the incident, couple of back pages, the first day saw a front page cover in the Washington post, then the Israel-Hezbollah snafu caught the headlines and then we haven't heard anymore from the Mumbai bureaus.

Anyway, this is an old tune that I am singing, there's no point in playing it back again.

The G8 sessions are back, with lip service to world poverty reduction and world health. The post talks about the doers and the non doers here.

13 July 2006

Thought Waves

At last good riddance to the carpell tunnel causing mouse. The first steps in thought wave based device control is here.

12 July 2006

Summer Breeze

Its raining like crazy here in the North East.... the summer has been blazing hot. Some snippets that I came by this week.

Firefox reaches 13% market share. Long live the browser wars !

An inflatable satellite launched.

And to the big tv fans out there...at last the long awaited 100 inch television is here.