29 August 2005

Retrospective Series: Part 2 - Black, no cream, 1 sugar

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is unmistakable no matter where you are in the world. Whether you are walking down 5th avenue in New York, museum hopping in downtown DC, or wading through the crowds of Brigades in Bangalore, the aroma emanating from a Star Bucks or a Cafe Coffee Day tingles your brain and drives your taste buds into an ecstatic frenzy. Alright, this may not be for everyone, but any Coffeee junkie will back me up here. The taste of coffee though is an entirely subjective and geographical matter. Coffee has been my ... Read More...

23 August 2005

Retrospective Series: Part 1 - A Lifeless Collection

Growing up in a small town has its benefits and disadvantages. The disadvantages probably outweigh the benefits. The fact that an entire world filled with wonders waited outside, occasionally dawned on me, partly thanks to the loads of books that I read from the decrepit local library. Funded by the government, this dungeon of a place had dust collecting over its books. Layers of dust encrusted the books literally. After every visit to the library my mom would hand me a napkin at the doorstep, so that I could wipe ... Read More...

20 August 2005

Lazy Weekend.

Check out this NGO organization founded by Azim Premji. It would be nice to participate in some good NGO. Wonder how one can help being far away from India.

19 August 2005

Josh Groban

I found Josh Groban's album, when I was MPEGing my CD collection. Pretty good actually.. strange thing is I don't recollect buying that CD. My BMG music club must have sent it.

Core Java Server Faces

I am deep into Core Java Server Faces by David Geary and Cay Horstmann. The MVC lifecycle is definitely a refinement of Struts. I like it so far. Nicely written. The Eclipse IDE I use had very good support for JSF. I like the fact that finally Sun has realized that its not just geeks that need to be attracted to Java, but regular programmers too. VBesque ease is probably good but not at the expense of patterns and fundamentals. The VB paradigm is basically ease of use at the expense of everything else. Yuck...

Wasabi and Y Tu Mama Tambien

Saw the French movie Wasabi. It was an ok movie, not like some of the french ones that I absolutely love. Also the other day we saw the spanish film Y Tu Mama Tambien. Grossly overrated movie. I cannot imagine it was nominated for an Oscar.

17 August 2005

Left Behind and the state of the Olive tree

This morning's New York Post has a brilliant comment from Thomas Lynch. I paraphraze his closing argument.

Surely we must all bear our share of guilt and deep regret, some sadness at the idea that here we are, another August into our existence, and whether we arrived by way of evolution or intelligent design or the hand of God working over the void, no history can record that we've progressed beyond our hateful, warring and fanatical ways.

We may be irreversibly committed to play out the saga of Iraq. But each of us, we humans, if we are to look our own kind in the eye, should at least be willing to say we're sorry, that all over our smaller and more lethal planet, whatever the causes, we're still killing our own kind - the same but different - but our own kind nonetheless

On a side note, a photo from the israeli pullout from Gaza. Olive trees and the Lexus, aptly put by Thomas Friedman. Lets stop fighting over olive trees.

10 August 2005

India Empowered

Manmohan Singh on India Empowered. It is amazing how the psyche of Indians both in India and around the world has undergone a sea change. Can you imagine the days when we were growing up in India ? There was eternal pessimism all around and I remember the days when we wrote reams and reams of essays about the population problem, the illiteracy problem etc.. concentrating on the problems alone. Never were we asked to write essays about how can we change these things... how can we find solutions.

04 August 2005

Discovery gets a spatial treatment ;)

NASA's Discovery today got a protruding filler removed by a space walking astronaut. Pretty cool pictures at NASA.
Here's what I get very frustrated about.... its great that these guys are able to do emergency repair work like this, but is this what the time in space should be spent on ? NASA needs more funding people... fund them so that they can build the next generation of the space shuttle, something that does not have to rely on stone age era tiles(brittle ones at that) to provide protection against excessive heat during re-entry.
What if the entire world put aside its military spending for one whole year ? We could end poverty everywhere and build massive space stations ... can we not ? Humanity...let us evolve ...TOGETHER.

Business Component Factory

Currently I am reading Business Component Factory by Peter Herzum and Oliver Sims.
Gives a good run down on CBD.

I just love the concept of CBD and wish we had the right kind of tools to make it more universal. I got to create my own set some day.

With every new paradigm, Tkach's complexity gap exists. CBD is just a way to get back the complexity to pre procedural days. That should come as a surprise to many, but if you think about it, its true isn't it. The systems that were being built were simpler in those days, hence the level of complexity even with primitive languages and infrastructure was much lower. Hence the argument.


I am currently watching season 2 of MASH rented from NetFlix. MASH redefined American comedy for me when I was in school. Star TV had just begun broadcasting in India, and they had this show airing around 7 PM. Boy was I was hooked or what. This is a chance to revisit those memories. To me, Alan Alda as Captain Benjamin Franklin 'Hawkeye' Pierce is the favorite of the bunch

03 August 2005

More progress

Whoa... whats happening here. I seem to be progressing way beyond my wildest imaginations. I have finalized on the template for my blogs. Made numerous style changes...(believe me this is the painful of the lot.), added a cool little poll...yeah don't forget to participate in my poll. Added a hit counter to the page. Also added a quote engine to spew out quotes to visitors. Enjoy !

01 August 2005

Back with a bang !

1st of August. A functional blog has been resurrected. All the links have been re-established.

Look what I am reading at my Tech Corner

Raincoat - Very different movie

You know what, I always crib that Indian movie makers are running out of ideas and rehash melodramatic garbage time and time again. Well seems like there is still some hope left.
The Hindi movie Raincoat by Rituparno Gosh proved me so wrong.

Movie Mania

Netflix rocks... we have been members since 200* and we just love it. The array of choices is just mind boggling. My wife and I have been evangelizing about it among all of our friends and inspiring them to sign up.