Left Behind and the state of the Olive tree

This morning's New York Post has a brilliant comment from Thomas Lynch. I paraphraze his closing argument.

Surely we must all bear our share of guilt and deep regret, some sadness at the idea that here we are, another August into our existence, and whether we arrived by way of evolution or intelligent design or the hand of God working over the void, no history can record that we've progressed beyond our hateful, warring and fanatical ways.

We may be irreversibly committed to play out the saga of Iraq. But each of us, we humans, if we are to look our own kind in the eye, should at least be willing to say we're sorry, that all over our smaller and more lethal planet, whatever the causes, we're still killing our own kind - the same but different - but our own kind nonetheless

On a side note, a photo from the israeli pullout from Gaza. Olive trees and the Lexus, aptly put by Thomas Friedman. Lets stop fighting over olive trees.