Thus spoke Liam - The Lion Cub

Liam: (Excited voice) Dad.. Dad.. come here..look what I found?
Dad: What is it Liam?
Liam: I think I poked it in the eye and I also broke one of its legs.

(Dad curiously approaches to see Liam dissecting a hapless fly on the window sill)

Dad: Liam, thats cruel, you shouldn't be doing that. Its just a poor little fly. Let it be.
Liam: But the lion does stuff like that to all the animals in the jungle.
Dad: Yeah, but this is not the jungle is it?
Liam: But you said that I am a Lion cub.
Dad: Well.... that was because you were scared of the monsters under your bed and of Tigger who keeps jumping on Winnie. I just didn't want you to be scared of them.
Liam: So am I or am I not a Lion cub?
Dad: Well you are...but
Liam: But what daddy?

(Dad knows where this conversation will lead at bed grudgingly agrees)

Dad: Well ..ok you are a Lion cub then.
Liam: Oh so that means I can roar and pounce on other animals and insects ...flies and ants too.
Dad: Not really Liam, you have to be a gentle cub who loves all animals.
Liam: Dad...
Dad: Yeah... (There is a trap can sense it)

Liam: If I am a Lion cub, then you are a Lion aren't you....because you are my dad. No?
Dad: Yeah sort of.
Liam: Then shouldn't you love all animals.
Dad: Yeah... I think I do.
Liam: But remember the other day you saw a rabbit nibbling on the bean stalk in our kitchen garden and you chased it around and threw a rock at it.
Dad: Well....thats because.....
Liam: No dad, you should not do that. You should be a gentle Lion too.
Dad: Ok sorry buddy. I will be careful.
Liam: Dad, can we bury this fly in mom's spice garden?
Dad: (Sits down on the couch...just plain tired)