Cloud 9 - Reboot

My Cloud 9 was neglected. Really neglected. You can tell that from the frequency (or lack thereof) of my posts. The last three years were witness to a whirlwind of changes in life around me that blogging was the least of my priorities. Not that any of that has changed now. But recently I received a message from an old friend on a social network asking me what happened to my blogging and thats when it dawned on me that I had not blogged in ages? And to that friend I say, thank you for trying to nudge me out of my Writer's block.

So I gently wake myself up, wake KB up too who begrudgingly allows me to change his dress. I last dressed him up in some wintery snow flakes garb some two odd years back and he had been slumbering with that attire. Now that he has had a shower, fresh set of dresses he looks smart and ready to bloll if you pardon my fake word here. Fairy Blog mother was always awake and would keep whispering(at times nagging) in my ears, except I just chose to ignore her. But now she seems happy because she can see that both KB and I are awake.

Its still mid winter here on the east coast and hibernators typically do not wake up until at least GroundHog day.
So to begin this rebooted session let me start off with a Sunday evening Haiku

Stuck in traffic 'cause of snow
I pause to imagine; what if I'm
Out of gas or worse yet; have to pee


Lady In Read said…
glad to see you back! And KB too...