Congrats Yogi

Hey Yogi, man..congrats on whatever happened man...that must be awesome... the only person on earth to have accomplished such a feat ! Yeah I know, I have never heard of anyone EVER EVER achieving what you have accomplished. WOW that is cool.

What are you talking about KB, you nincompoop ? Are you out of your mind ? Unwarranted raising of expectations is a very bad mannerism ? It does not grace an individual like you. So please refrain from such expletives, however good intentioned they might be. Also there is this matter of privacy one has to contend with. Imagine if this news spreads out across the internet and people from far and wide start calling him up for appointments ? Imagine that. Google might close his account because of bandwidth limitations. His family might sue him (Yeah especially in this day and age) for increasing their exposure to the media and causing mental harassment. I don't even want to start with the other list of problems that could crop up. So please.

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