Conversations with KB: Merchandise designs

Here are some of the merchandise designs that KB and I have been toying around with. To make sure that both the ladies and the gents among our blog fans are satisfied, we have come out with amazing designs for both groups. Depending on the number of kids and teenagers that visit this blog (We are still crunching the numbers on that takes a while because of the number of site hits, you know), we will soon be coming out with merchandise designs for the teenage and kid crowd. Please do send us feedback and we will try to accommodate your ideas into our merchandise. Suggestions for new merchandise are also welcome. KB was thinking of adding other stuff like coffee mugs, pens, buttons. Supplies are limited, so call fast. Operators are standing by right now !!
Psst...He doesn't even have one in stock. It costs 30 bucks a pop to design and print a T like this. Check out this link at Spread Shirt Designer