So whatz wrong with my look ?

Ever wondered why I look the way I look. Ahem, I mean, you know what I mean. So you are probably thinking, this guy is just kinda messing with us. I am not. Why should I be ? So what makes you think I am any different than what I appear to be in my profile photograph.
But that is a chimp, isn't it ?
Yeah, so ?
But I thought you were Indian.
Yeah, chimps can be of Indian origin too.
Oh....but come on, Chimps don't quote Descartes.
Are you kiddin me ? Heard of 'Planet of the Apes' ?
Oh, yeah ! They even have apes riding horses in that movie
Movie..what movie ? I was talking about the 'Planet of the Apes'.
What is that ? I thought it was a movie.
No ! Its an actual planet.
Ok, this is getting crazy. So are you really a chimp ? Please stop messing with me.
Yup, I swear I am exactly the way you see me.
But I just saw you talk about a cryptography research paper. So they allow chimps in school these days ?
Of course. How else would they get to fill in all those vacant seats.
Good point. So do you swing on trees and stuff.
Naah. Thats for immature chimps. I am too sophisticated for all that nonsense. I still suck my thumb though.
Loud thump. The other person has fainted
Hello, u still there ? Yellow.....