Jasmine, short stories and all

Long story short... working on my school assignment.
Cryptography question...hmmm I am sure google has the answer.
Something about photon based cryptography to produce unbreakable ciphers.

Ok google throws up stuff.
I am browsing, chance upon someone's blog. (Jacob Mathai)

From there I find a random link (again, nothing intented) and reach something called
"55s and then some", hmmm smattering of entries... viewed profile....took me to another one "Musings" ... and found some gems there.


Just in case you are wondering about the bread crumbs, this is how I started.
Perfect Encryption

Talk about Wordsworths "As I wandered lonely as a cloud..."

Meanwhile in my world here....
Spring is at last with us, albeit reluctantly. My Jasmine was thirsting for some sunlight...she's out on the deck now, poor thing. Took her out this morning. She ain't no cat, she is actually a Jasmine plant, growing indoors all through winter.
But then you thought, how could I name a Jasmine plant, Jasmine. Duh !