Day 2 of the Research Paper.

Sure, here we 2 of the research paper. I was supposed to be working on it since the beginning of the semester. The mad scramble as the deadline looms...hmm, why can't I learn from my past? Why ? Please, if there is someone out there, please tell me why ? Hmmm... no sound... looks like there's no one out there.

Anyway, still looking for crypto related papers. You know one other thing that boggles me is, I always want to blog when I am under pressure. I have deadlines looming and then there bam.... no writer's block, everything just dawns on me. I have a topic to write about. (However silly it might seem to others, but hey, my ego says that's the trip you wanna take !)

Some murmurs can be heard in the background... people talking..."So, what is the point of this blog entry again ? Poor thing, looks like the research paper has at last taken its toll. He's gone completely cuckoo. One really did fly over the cuckoo's nest. Well do they have Cuckoo's in North America ? They might, how else do you explain Jack Nickholson's movie"

Shannon's perfect secrecy theorem and one time pads for encryption are great, but I don't even think that is the topic of my paper. My paper is on WiMax. What the heck ? Why am I researching one time pads again ? Oh great...let me be back, please hold , while I figure this mystery out.


Jayashree Bhat said…
Hey, didn't know you liked my blog so much that you wrote a post on it. That's really nice of you. Thanks.
Karmayogi said…
Thanks Ms Musings. It was a pleasure to read your blog.