Conversations with KB: The alter ego is in town.

Hey Karmayogi, knock knock !
Yeah, who is that ?
Its me, KayBee
KayBee, who ?
KB (Karmayogi's Blog), your blog, you idiot !
Oh you. So was it you who has been talking to me all this while ? I kept thinking it was something in my head ? Damn it KB, you almost got me checked into a mental institution.
What da ya mean, almost got checked in. You ought to be checked in. And don't you dare, take that tone with me...
Whadda ya mean ? I can damn well, take any tone I please.
You expect me to listen to all your garbage, keep all your embarrassing junk in public view and then on top of all that... this tone ! Blistering Barnacles !!

Hey, I know that phrase. I've heard it before.
Of course you have heard it before. Who do ya think, wrote that ?
Hergé for Captain Haddock in the "Adventures of Tintin" ?
Of course not silly, it was an older cousin of mine called Papier. Yeah Hergé might have co-ordinated with him, but thats a minor detail.
Whatever man, I don't have time for your crazy stuff... so why did you holler me for. Don't tell me its one of those stupid "knock knock" jokes.
Well, it sort of was, but now that you kinda blew my whistle, I don't think I wanna tell it.
Ok, then why don't you stop talking and let me get on with my work.
Why should I stop ? You tell me all sorts of stuff. Most of it utter nonsense.
Excuse me ! I happen to consider all the trivia I collect as very informative and many folks out there consider it educational, some even find it entertaining. A friend recently commented that "I am into heavy science and sci-fi stuff" See people do appreciate my trivia.
Ahem, sure, scores of folks indeed.. why stop at scores, lets say a multitude... get real bro, last time I checked you had visitors to the blog countable on one hand.
What da ya mean ?
Don't you think I notice these things .. I am 'The Blog' after all.
What nonsense ? Don't you see the site counter jumping like crazy ?
Yeah sure it jumps, but that's just because you keep coming to checkout the site yourself. How pathetic is that ?
What ? How dare you heap such insult ?
You wanna see the stats buddy, let me educate you. Last week you had some visitors from India(1 from Delhi, Calcutta and the other one from Bangalore I think), 3 entries from the US and
Stop stop stop....don't you realize you are mouthing off private information dude ? You are exposing client personal information. I could be sued for inappropriate disclosure.
Yeah yeah , whatever, anyways my point is that you need to be more creative. Your posts are damn boring...outright stupid sometimes. First check your grammar before you post and yeah....please, none of your damn cuckoo posts again!
So you are gonna teach me how to post now ?
Damn right I am !
Alright, I am a reasonable person.Very open to criticism and ideas and I will take this critique standing up. Not that I accept your contention that we have very few visitors. I know we have lots, because I check the stats too, but nevertheless, I would like to hear your strategy for a revamp of this blog... ahem, I mean, what I write.
Sure, grab a piece of paper and pen. Sorry, thats old world talk, I meant grab a piece of your Google notepad, and start typing my notes.

Please stay tuned as we listen in to KB's and Karmayogi's blog churning. If you are already sick and tired of this, you probably are sick and tired. You need Motrin, try 350mg over the counter, if that doesn't work ask your medical practitioner for a 650mg prescription.


Anonymous said…
Hey, nice alter ego you have there. Keep him alive !
Anonymous said…
Love Captain Haddock. Hows the world of Big OIL?