Pod Racing ala Star Wars Style

All you star wars fans out there... thought you would never live to see the day when pod racing would finally arrive on earth... you are so wrong !!! Look at this cool rocket race being planned in the US. Rocket Racing League

I think the Ansari X-Prize and this effort all go to show how important it is to allow private enterprise to fund and innovate in all leading edge fields. Let us get governments out of all these things. On a similar note, though ISRO in India has been doing a great job, I think its pace is not what it ought to be. I have had personal experience training at their lab in Bangalore and I have seen how the few people who work and innovate are the ones that carry the organization forward. The rest just feed off the big fish. My wife too has worked at a research institution that is building the Kaveri engine in Bangalore. What she has to tell me about the state of affairs is really saddening. While all the middle class Indian tax payer's money is spent on beautifying large lawns and gardens around these research establishments, great innovating minds inside are stymied with bureacratic hurdles and hierarchical organizational structuring, not to mention whymsical nincompoops who masquerade as bosses.

The Rocket Racing League will inspire people of all ages to once again look up into the sky to find inspiration and excitement
-Peter Diamandis
Lessons for India from this article. Let's race ahead too guys. ISRO should start a private public partnership to aid such innovation. This age has to be the one for conquering the last frontier. Space.