A lost cause ?

Just finished my mid terms. I should kick myself for not studying enough. That aside, I watched the Martin Scorsese movie Kundun last night. Very atypical style for Scorsese. But I kinda liked it. Very ethereal, almost meditation like flow to the entire movie. It did not bother to fill in a lot of gaps. It was not a typical biopic, in a way. That is why I guess. I googled up info about tibet after that. Did you know that there are a 100,000 tibetans living in 35 communities in India ? At least 4000-5000 more run away from tibet and join the rest in India. A very peace loving people.. ever wonder why they are not able to evoke the same kind of response that Chechnya, Bosnia, Aceh, Palestine and other troubled regions are able to get ? I guess its all politics of need. The places with the most economic or strategic interest to the big nations are the places with some sort of incentive to defend. I don't know if anyone can stand up to China on such issues, least of all India. Nehru laid the sad foundation of meekness with respect to china and we toe his line to this day, even in the case of Tibet.
I hope the Tibetans get back their nation. By the way, India; Good job in helping them out. Please keep it up, you are living up to your vedic traditions. The guest is supreme."

What an irony when you think about it. The bodhisatva began teaching his philosophy from India.. then centuries of invasions and revivals wiped out buddhism from india and finally in the 20th century the Dalai Lama has to retreat to India to preserve it !