Hell hath no fury like nature scorned

I am sure everyone has heard about the earthquake that shook muzzaffarabad, in Pakistani Occupied Kashmir. If you read through this Financial Times report you will see how even in the moments of high tragedy with about 2.5 million people homeless, Mr Musharraf just can't resist from playing the india card. In the past year when the adage, Hell hath no fury like nature scorned is turning into a self fulfilling prophecy, we are still stuck at the same groove. We humans spend all this money building our societies, spending on the military, starving our poor, enriching our rich and look what a katrina, an earthquake or a tsunami can do. Level the ground! Take everything back to square one. Nada..zilch is all that is left. The pessimist looks at it and says "Why bother doing all this...when nature has the final say". The optimist says "Why not put all our efforts into building early warning systems, safer buildings, feed and clothe the poor and find a faster and cheaper way to escape earth's gravity so that we can propogate to different planets".

The optimist camp has some robotic good news to report. We have a completely unmanned and autonomous volkswagen tricked out to navigate the nevada desert(132 Miles)...is this kewl or what !!