Brand New Week

A brand new week has begun. Its funny how the gym is emptier in winter than it is in summer. In summer people are partying at the beach. In winter, its too cold to get their lazy bodies out to a work out. Saw a couple of good movies over the weekend. Check my blog here.

We also went to downtown DC after a long time. Did you know that they are renovating the parking lot under the Washington monument ? There is no parking allowed under the monument because of all that construction work. Damn, I used to love to park there and walk up the hill. Instead we parked in the lot overlooking the potomac, behind the lincoln memorial, on the way to Rock Creek park. Anyway, we were actually searching for this awesome Indian restaurant that I had been to some 5 years back. My roommate and I would take the blue line to MacPherson Square down a couple of blocks to this place. I knew it was somewhere on 14th and Connecticut Ave or was it 15th and Constitution Ave ? Anyway, we drove around trying to figure it out and then gave up. Bill Clinton frequented it while he was president, so that is where its popularity comes from, apart from the good food. Ah that reminds me, it was close to the White House. So it has to be somewhere near where I suspect. Okay I give up, I am gonna google it up. Goooooogling....Yes found it, it is the Bombay club on 815 Connecticut Avenue. See I was right, partly at least. You have to approach it from 17th Street. Me and my dysfunctional GPS!
The main reason for visiting DC though, was our long delayed visit to the Holocaust museum in South West DC. Having read way too many books on World War II, not to mention the movies and having gone through the agony of reading Hitler's biography, I was half expecting the gory innards of the museum. The gruelling pictures and objects were as horrendous as I had expected them to be. Actual shoes, artifacts from people slaughtered, the replica of the gas ovens. What a terrible nightmare! The deviousness of the human mind is unfathomable. All that to cater to a mustached cretin's delusions.
Nevertheless life goes on, and we begin a brand new week. Its Halloween time here in the U.S and we are back to standard time. One more hour of sleep. Yipee! Trick or Treat ladies and gentlemen.