Art of Living, Infrastructure and other thoughts

I was thinking of writing about the infrastructural challenges an expanding dc metro area is facing and how perspectives change after living in different societies. Its been six years since I last experienced working and living in India and my perspective is at best out dated, but still I can see oceans of difference in approach and problem tackling mentalities of the respective governments. Here's a link from a blog(Niranjani), I discovered through Linked In connections. I worked with Raj while in India (He was my boss :) ). I definitely have some thoughts on the infrastructure problem. Will share my views in an elaborate entry probably next week.

I am shifting my writing blog to a new page so that the home page can be freed up for more frequent rambles. I will post links to my retrospective series on the home page nevertheless.

Oh yeah before I forget, Raj also introduced me to the Art of Living. Check it out. They seem to have a significant presence everywhere. Need to check out the local DC chapter. They have one in Burke.

Another Gem I found via Niranjani. An excellent essay on outsourcing.

Enjoy !