15 March 2011

KB thinks it is Karma

KB: Ha Ha Ha...ROFL....Ha Ha Ha
Me: What is it?
KB: I just can't believe your latest "Retrospective Series 13: When the Universe conspires" post...that is some serious karma man.
Me: Huh..
KB: I mean, seriously that is some sh***y karma dude.
Me: Yeah I guess.
KB: Wish I were there.
Me: Its ok, you don't need to rub it in. Besides it was decades ago, so its not like you were alive. Remember I said this was the 20th century. You are a Noob born in 2002.
KB: Yeah, whatever!
Me: (Sulks)

13 March 2011

Writer's Block: Retrospective Series 13: When the Universe conspires

This weekend, an event had me traveling back in time and set my Retrospective bells ringing. As my little one gets to understand the concept of money, counting and addition, we (rather it was him) decided that it was time to get a piggy bank to collect pocket money earned or gifted. The exercise was pretty exciting for all parties involved because...