26 January 2007

Had to post this

I just found this quote and it had to be posted. No two ways about it.
"A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero (originally in Latin) & also attributed to G. K. Chesterton


You know, you think you've seen it all !

Yes, you know you think you have seen it all. But trust the internet, so here goes the picture of three lanky guys... well you figure it out man, I dunno. You tell me who these three guys are. If you think you are THE GUY, then I say, post me a comment and tell me who these guys are !

Way to go young lady !

Hey, I just remembered... India celebrates her Republic day! A satellite re-enters earth and soft lands in the Bay of Bengal.... way to go young lady of 60. Way to go!

21 January 2007


The VOOM network's Equator Channel is a joy to watch. I mean if you have seen Discovery or National Geographic TV and were impressed, lets just multiply that by a greater degree, say 10 and that should describe the overall level of this channel. I am thoroughly impressed. If you are in north america, and have HD, you must check this out.

Plato's Republic

Irrationality is seen as a dominant element in human nature. An example of this view can be found in Thucydides's account of the Corcyraean revolution.
Then, with the ordinary conventions of civilized life thrown into confusion, human nature,...showed itself proudly in its true colors, as something incapable of controlling passion, insubordinate to the idea of justice.

Plato, however, saw man's true nature as rational and believed that civilized society must be organized, and civilized life conducted according to rational principles.
Doesn't this sound too familiar. From the age when Plato's Republic was played out, to this day, we have the same tug of war between the two forces.

The debate continues...

16 January 2007

Happy New Year and the hiatus

Ok, now that the hiatus is over, it might be worthwhile wishing 'Happy New Year'. Agreed that it is kinda belated....but hey what the heck, redemption is never closed out to late comers.

Got a truck load of junk that I would love to upload here, but maybe later. Got to take it easy now that the jinx has been broken. The Orkut barnstorm that has been brewing caught me by such a huge surprise...man oh man, the world IS CONNECTED....if you were living in the 13th century, please wake up...the world is INDEED CONNECTED. Its amazing what I discovered...but more on that later..patience is a virtue.

The iPhone (Steve, you got to be kidding me..come on man, lower the prices a wee bit) and other stuff will grace this year's slogboard.

Reading some exciting new books, in pretty diverse areas...so will keep that going.

Of course the retrospective series has to be revived too. Watch out for the blog and awe coming your way !!