27 November 2006

Indian Spices

Looking for that elusive spice that your mom keeps talking about, but can't figure out the english name to check out at the local Korean or Asian market.... ok your problem can be solved here.

20 November 2006

Kajra Re - This is so not my style of blogging..but what the heck !

Ok, now I ain't no fan of dance sequences and running around trees. But I did like this one song from a film that itself was lousy to say the least. Some fella on you tube had posted this up, so am just linking to it. This is more of a demonstrator of the way the Youtube site has taken the internet into a broadcasting explosion of sorts. I commend that democratization rather than anything else.

Get a life ! I mean second life.

"I can feel the eyes staring at me, I know she is watching, but I can't be sure if she is unless I turn back. If I do turn back, I would have given away the fact that I am curious about her intentions. Is she really watching me ? Hmmmm, wish I could see through the back of my head. How cool would that be ? Well guess what, it can be done and it is possible on Second life. I was checking on Second Life today. I had heard a lot about them over the past months, even read an article in Popular Science about them. Never thought much until I read about the concept and the massively distributed gaming theory that they employ. Also read about the matrix like bug that infected it causing objects to be cloned. Wow, that is so uncannily matrix like.

18 November 2006

A new security products group

Hey, I got this recommended via a friend. A security products company that hands out products for home users for free. It is not some run of the mill stuff either. I have it up and running on my home network and it is amazingly professional stuff. I like their verification engine that works with all my browsers to define the authenticity of sites I browse to. I know FF 2 does it, but IE does not and this one covers all those bases. Great work guys...

The Comodo Group.
The free Products