10 September 2006

Retrospective Series : Part 9 : Malgudi Days - Swami and his friends

This weekend, we were watching a DVD rented from NetFlix called "Malgudi Days". Yes ! Yes ! the same Malgudi days... remember the Shankar Nag directed saga that derived its inspiration and stories from R. K. Narayan's collection of writings about a fictional town in Karnataka called 'Malgudi'. It frankly brought back some very fond memories of childhood. I would be riveted to the screen watching episodes of this series as they aired once a week. I don't remember the exact day of the week on which they aired, but Swami and his friends were a real thing those days.... Read more.

09 September 2006

Just switched to Blogger Beta ! Yippie !

Just switched to the newer blogger beta... things are a little different, let me see how this fares better than the earlier version. This is a test post with an image to see if they still have problems posting images...