14 September 2002

What was I thinking ?

Hello dudes, Its a Friday night, around 1:04 EDT ... am about to hit the covers.
Before that I thought some pearls of wisdom might be in order.
"When an idiot opens his mouth, you don't need to be a genius to figure out
that he is talking crap."

28 March 2002

W3C Standard Freaks

A Pretty neat site for W3C standard freaks and nice articles too. The site "AListApart" espouses what I have believed all along.... let the old non standard browsers go to hell. Follow W3C and the CSS, DOM standards and get on with your browser life instead of sticking on to the histrionics of dinosaurs. (aka 4 browsers)

The Oscars

Good Afternoon, quite some time since I updated. So thought I would share some jewels of wisdom. Was watching the oscars the other night and couldn't help notice the political correctness in the air. But was delighted at Sidney Poitier's award. I loved him from the time I saw 'To Sir with Love'. If you haven't seen that movie, go rent it now!! The Hindi movie 'Sir' starring Naseeruddin Shah is based on this movie in many ways.

01 March 2002

FTP Server

Good Morning..it literally is goodmorning, it is 2:40 AM in the morning and I am searching
the net for an FTP server (Free one of course) and look what i found at webattack.
Also checkout an affiliate site called simtel which also hosts a ton of freebies.

26 February 2002


I always knew ZDnet.com was the place to go to in search of anything on earth.
Look at this neat little version control utility I found there. It works off your ftp port,
so it is pretty much standard and has a very intuitive client. Its called FTPvc.