11 January 2006

Attention Deficiency

You see, one of the problems with attention deficiency is that, a 24 hour day seems insufficient for all the exploration that the world around us provides. Jumping from browsing about the features of the new intel based iMac, the philosophical traditions of the Buddhist community, the latest political whirlwind doing the rounds in India, visiting that site about bangalore pot holes to see if they are fixing them, checking my email to see if there was anything from amazon.com, jumping back to my design document... Phew, where was I, oh yeah I was on the design document and that is when it hit me ! I seriously ought to see Sidney Friedman. Now Sidney is the quintessential shrink from MASH. That reminds me, I need to complete my review of the latest MASH episodes on NetFlix, oh did I change the subscription schedule ? Oh wonder what is next in the queue... hold on, did I finish that design document ? I have to send it to the team before noon. Did I have lunch ? My stomach is growling, let me check my lunch tote. Ah, of course I did not have my lunch, no wonder I was feeling a little down, probably because of the lower sugar levels. Lunch is done, something is nagging me, can't put a finger to it, hmmm, oh I did not drink any water. Got to get up and go to the fountain to fill the bottle, hmmm, may be in a few minutes. Hey, when did I start writing a new post for the blog...must have been between the lunch and the "staying-a-few-more-minutes-to-grab-some-water" moment. Oh that reminds me, I got to make a phone call...

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