27 October 2008

Retrospective Series 12: Children of a lesser God (Apologies to Randa Haines)

Everyone experiences certain incidents in their lives, that change them permanently one way or the other. One incident that I remember changed me and affects me to this day.
I was probably 9 when this incident occurred, but I may be off by a year or so. The sight of the boy is clear as day in my memory, despite all this time having passed. He was probably a couple of years older than me, tall, lean as a stick, bones sticking out; especially evident because he was completely ...


26 October 2008

Sunday evening haiku

Sunday evening, lazing on my couch
Chores complete;
Bliss lasts barely a minute.
As I recall my chores for next week.
- Yogi

19 October 2008

Book Review: The Caliph's House

A very interesting book I finished reading recently was Tahir Shah's "The Caliph's House". A personal account of a family's transplant from a first world country to...
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04 October 2008

Phi Kappa Phi

I recently received an invitation to join the Phi Kappa Phi fraternity. Because this is an invitation only society that confers membership to students and alumni of US universities who finish in the top 10% of the entire university across all disciplines, I was pretty excited about it and have decided to join.
So here's a moment of self promotion and some chest thumping. Drum rooooolllllll. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy !