27 February 2008

Just Imagine my shock when I opened today's newspaper

Just imagine my shock when I opened this morning's newspaper only to be confronted with this clipping.

15 February 2008

Thunderbird to Outlook and vice versa.

Ever saddled with the need to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook or vice versa. These links might be helpful.



This talks about both ways . Outlook to Thunderbird and the other way around too.

14 February 2008

Shackleton's Way

Quoting Wess Roberts, the author of "Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun"

"A terrific read! Drawn from the life and adventures of the renowned 20th century explorer, Shackleton's Way presents a rich abundance of lessons for meeting the leadership challenges and exploiting the as yet undiscovered entrepreneurial opportunities of the 21st Century."

Check it out at Amazon

This is another book that is on my bookshelf right now. Working my way through it. Good lessons to learn so far !

13 February 2008

ബ്ലോഗിങ്ങ് ഇന് മല്ലു (Blogging in Malayalam)

ഓഹ ! എന്ടൊരു അടിശേയം ! എനിക്ക് മലയാളം എഴുഥന് അറിയമേ !!

ഹ ഹ ഹ, ഐ ഹാവ് മാനേജദ് ടോ ബ്ലോഗ് ഇന് മലയാളം, എവെന് തൌഗ്ത് ഐ ഹാവ് നോ ക്ലൂ ഹൌ ടോ റീഡ് ഓര് വ്രിറെ ദിസ് ലാംഗ്വേജ് ! ഹൊവ്ഴ് ദാറ്റ് ഫോര് ആന് ഇരോണി !

What I have achieved in this post is to blog in a language that I can neither read nor write. Hence it feels pretty amazing that the transliteration has conjured up some gobbledy gook in response to some words that I typed in. For readers who can actually read the language, it must be pretty funny reading my text. For me, I just hope I will remember what I typed in for a while at least. The next sentence though is pretty easy to remember.....drumroll please....
ഇട പട്ടി, ഇട തെണ്ടി, നീ പോടാ പുല്ലേ
Aha ! That was very satisfying !

11 February 2008

World Hunger, one grain at a time !

Interested in solving world hunger. Here's something that can make you do that apart from the other unintended consequences such as improving your vocabulary, killing time, and also an indicator that it is time to find a new job, in case you are doing this at work. FYI, I am posting this after 10, watching Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN. So you know I am not doing it at work. The rest is as they say, up for grabs. Free Rice

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07 February 2008

Blog by mail

This blog post was created entirely by just typing in an email address and sending in the text that you are reading. Thats cool.


On my bookshelf

Currently on my bookshelf

1) The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins.
Very interesting read, especially agree on some of the general grievances about misplaced religious fervor in the world that we live in today. But I haven't yet finished it so my final judgment shall be reserved until then.

2) Asterix in Spain. (Yes, I am re-reading my own collection, and if anyone is an Asterix fan, they WILL UNDERSTAND. Others can go to hell)