12 October 2007

Friday night !

Friday nights are dead beat nights usually. The downward spiral of a week that has gone by. Completely exhausting, there were times, when Friday nights would be date nights or movie nights. All those days are gone.

11 October 2007

08 October 2007

World of visitors to my blog

Wow...look at all the hits. Some of my recent guests came from the following countries... Now that I know better, I am going to keep track of all the countries. So this will be an intermittent post. So keep watching.

United Kingdom
South Africa

New Zealand
China Italy

06 October 2007

Six months or so later, the avatar selection process still continues...

I told you so ?

The Blog mother weighs in

Hi folks, its the Blog mother. One thing that yogi forgot to add to his 8 random traits is that he is paranoid about privacy issues. I was watching him as he blogged the 8 traits and he kept editing and re-editing content out of it to ensure that the bare minimum of personal info was exposed. Trust me, within days that trait post is gonna disappear. I guarantee it!

04 October 2007

Being tagged and 8 random traits.

Update: The author has classified some of the earlier information posted.

A post that was drafted some four months ago....sees the light of day now...my personal hiatus explains the delay

Alright looks like Raj tagged me and I've gotta do something about it....
1) I am ***** ********. You name something, and I can ****** about it. To cite an example, the moment I saw the mail that I had been tagged, and that I had to take some action within 8 hours, I had to start blogging this. In between this I have to run some errands and I am sure, I will be **** **** *** *** *** time. "*** *** ** ** that..yeah got to **** *** ****** and then got to **** ** *** ****...**** ** ** ** *****...." Jeez man.
2) I love to read. In fact I am crazy about reading. My study is filled with shelves (ground to ceiling) of books. Now I am out of space...so got to buy a new shelf, preferably a new study, but then again. Again my tastes are kinda wierd, so normal humans probably will go yew....if I cite names..so I will let it be, but general areas of interest include technology, history, biographies, philosopy (mostly the western kind) and some fiction
3) I love toys. Yes, you dont have to rub your eyes in disbelief. I love toys, all the way from the simple Lego blocks to the sophisticated Roomba robot vacuum cleaner (yeah I have it). I visit custom toy stores intermittently to seek out the newest and coolest toys. I have flown model planes, crashed them, cried over the mangled fuselages and yet gone out and bought more and repeated the cycle over and over again. There's this farm near my home with about 10 acres or so of open ground complete with meadow grass. Perfect for toy plane enthusiasts. Well, now if I start explaining about that, we are not gonna finish the tag here.
4) I am crazy. Oh, sorry I think I covered that fact already. Ok maybe a little more specific ... I am crazy about technology and the power it holds to change lives. From the simplest three lines of code that can make the quality of life for a cardiac patient better (You see, the sensor monitoring the heart rate is in a loop code with possible a thread sleep instruction making it either poll for threshold breaches or is in a interrupt triggered mode, listening for an interrupt from the heart rate sensor. When the threshold is breached, the loop terminates, fires a notification...well you know the rest, I don't have to explain such details) to the millions of lines of code and hardware parts that make up the space shuttle. I love to dive head first into the technological unknown.
5) I am a green person. I believe I have been so right from my early child hood. I remember fighting with my dad because he almost cut down an almond tree in our backyard (He actually relented and the tree survived). Can you believe the justification they had..."The flowers from the tree are littering our yard and making it a pain to cleanup" SO ? You take a life because it ain't clean ?. The Hybrid that I drive, the bulbs that I use at home...all green stuff. The thing ungreen about me is that I don't have a satchel yet and haven't sported a goatee. But I am getting there. And yes, I recycle (Remember folks reading this...PLEASE RECYCLE). I have two recycle bins, ok make that three, I forgot to count the one in the study!
6) I am germophobic. If you don't believe me, read the random note in my profile. That should explain it. If you have ever watched Poirot, or Monk, yeah thats me. I have disinfectant wipes all over the place, in my laptop bag, in my car, on my desk, in my pocket.
7) I am an eternal optimist. Die hard one at that.
8) I am a late sleeper and a late riser. I can work or read or play all night, but for the life of me, cannot wake up early. Thats been a trait since school and continues to this day. So the cliche "Early to bed and early to rise" makes no sense to me.

Solving world poverty

KB is taken by surprise as I sneak behind him and tap him on his shoulder.
Me: KB whassup ?
KB: Huh...whoz that ?
Me: Don't jump, its just me.
KB: You scared the s*** out of me man.
Me: KB, I have been thinking all evening....
KB: (Oh here he goes...) Yeah, what ?
Me: We tend to analyse and solve almost all problems in the IT landscape. The field is so full of problems, but we essentially come up with smart solutions, don't we ?
KB: Like ?
Me: Just to give you one example, remember how we used to have this problem with unused server hardware lying in data centers, so people invented server virtualization. Now virtualization is the coolest thing.
KB: Ok, I get that. But what is the problem though ?
Me: The peeve that I have is that the real world is teeming with problems, and yet we don't have smart solutions that can solve those problems in one global sweep.
KB: (Bunches his eyebrows) OK, so ?
Me: So....we need to solve some real world problems man.
KB: We ? As in you and me ?
Me: Yeah, we gotta stay ahead and solve real problems too.
KB: Give me an example of what you want to solve.
Me: Sure..let me think, Ok, how about abolishing world poverty.
(KB falls down from his chair and rolls over with laughter.)
Me: I am serious man. You think I am kidding ?
KB: Ok, so how do you propose doing that ?
Me: Ok, there are about 6 billion people on the planet. A majority of them are poor. A disproportionate minority of them are stinking rich. So rich, that they could use currency for toilet paper all their lives and not even make a dent in their stash.
KB: Yes true, you know the blog next door, is run by such a guy. You should stop by one day and meet him.
Me: Yeah, maybe someday. (Hey, what are you doing reading the blog next door ?)
KB: And you were saying...
Me: Yeah, the dis proportionality of wealth. So my solution is pretty simple actually. Don't wait on the charity of the rich, thinking that it will trickle down to the poor. Use the power of open source. Open Source has revolutionized the way the IT world builds applications and products. Open source thrives inspite of the fact that majority of learned and rich people in the world would not spend time contributing to such open source work. But massive things get accomplished. Take for example, the Linux OS, the Tomcat Server, the JBOSS server. You name it and we have built it.
KB: That is a very keen observation.
Me: So, as an analogy, why can we not apply such open source solutions to solve world problems ?
KB: But how ?
Me: Well I don't know. Maybe like the X prize foundation's work, we could start open source projects that create solutions that indirectly will contribute towards solving world problems like poverty.
KB: Oh man, you are serious aren't you ? I was just playing along thus far, thinking you were kidding about this whole thing.
Me: Man, you bet I am serious. One example would be the creation of open source technology that increases grain production, produces easy fabrication machines that create objects given raw materials. For example, a machine that fabricates roofing material, with everyday waste or some stuff like that. Open source makes these inventions, patent free, so no royalty money is collected.
KB: Oh come on man, this is real life, not software. All these things that you talk about need physical resources and hard cash.
Me: Yeah, thats what the detractors of Open Source said too, when it was in its nascent stages. Look at whats happening now. The likes of IBM, Sun, even Microsoft are contributing and pitching in time and resources towards such projects. If you build a momentum, large corporations will follow. Look at where the X Prize foundation is going these days.
KB: Hmmm, as someone once said "You ain't so dumb after all !"

Dreams of Flying

Amit Varma of "LiveMint.com" has a very interesting take on flying in India and the shackles that still bind it. A must read.

These Dreams of Flying