12 October 2007

Friday night !

Friday nights are dead beat nights usually. The downward spiral of a week that has gone by. Completely exhausting, there were times, when Friday nights would be date nights or movie nights. All those days are gone.

11 October 2007

08 October 2007

World of visitors to my blog

Wow...look at all the hits. Some of my recent guests came from the following countries... Now that I know better, I am going to keep track of all the countries. So this will be an intermittent post. So keep watching.

United Kingdom
South Africa

New Zealand
China Italy

06 October 2007

Six months or so later, the avatar selection process still continues...

I told you so ?

The Blog mother weighs in

Hi folks, its the Blog mother. One thing that yogi forgot to add to his 8 random traits is that he is paranoid about privacy issues. I was watching him as he blogged the 8 traits and he kept editing and re-editing content out of it to ensure that the bare minimum of personal info was exposed. Trust me, within days that trait post is gonna disappear. I guarantee it!

04 October 2007

Being tagged and 8 random traits.

Update: The author has classified some of the earlier information posted.

A post that was drafted some four months ago....sees the light of day now...my personal hiatus explains the delay

Alright looks like Raj tagged me and I've gotta do something about it....
1) I am ***** ********. You name something, and I can ****** about it. To cite an example, the moment I saw the mail that I had been tagged, and that I had to take some action within 8 hours, I had to start blogging this. In between this I have to run some errands and I am sure, I will be **** **** *** *** *** time. "*** *** ** ** that..yeah got to **** *** ****** and then got to **** ** *** ****...**** ** ** ** *****...." Jeez man.
2) I love to read. In fact I am crazy about reading. My study is filled with shelves (ground to ceiling) of books. Now I am out of space...so got to buy a new shelf, preferably a new study, but then again. Again my tastes are kinda wierd, so normal humans probably will go yew....if I cite names..so I will let it be, but general areas of interest include technology, history, biographies, philosopy (mostly the western kind) and some fiction
3) I love toys. Yes, you dont have to rub your eyes in disbelief. I love toys, all the way from the simple Lego blocks to the sophisticated Roomba robot vacuum cleaner (yeah I have it). I visit custom toy stores intermittently to seek out the newest and coolest toys. I have flown model planes, crashed them, cried over the mangled fuselages and yet gone out and bought more and repeated the cycle over and over again. There's this farm near my home with about 10 acres or so of open ground complete with meadow grass. Perfect for toy plane enthusiasts. Well, now if I start explaining about that, we are not gonna finish the tag here.
4) I am crazy. Oh, sorry I think I covered that fact already. Ok maybe a little more specific ... I am crazy about technology and the power it holds to change lives. From the simplest three lines of code that can make the quality of life for a cardiac patient better (You see, the sensor monitoring the heart rate is in a loop code with possible a thread sleep instruction making it either poll for threshold breaches or is in a interrupt triggered mode, listening for an interrupt from the heart rate sensor. When the threshold is breached, the loop terminates, fires a notification...well you know the rest, I don't have to explain such details) to the millions of lines of code and hardware parts that make up the space shuttle. I love to dive head first into the technological unknown.
5) I am a green person. I believe I have been so right from my early child hood. I remember fighting with my dad because he almost cut down an almond tree in our backyard (He actually relented and the tree survived). Can you believe the justification they had..."The flowers from the tree are littering our yard and making it a pain to cleanup" SO ? You take a life because it ain't clean ?. The Hybrid that I drive, the bulbs that I use at home...all green stuff. The thing ungreen about me is that I don't have a satchel yet and haven't sported a goatee. But I am getting there. And yes, I recycle (Remember folks reading this...PLEASE RECYCLE). I have two recycle bins, ok make that three, I forgot to count the one in the study!
6) I am germophobic. If you don't believe me, read the random note in my profile. That should explain it. If you have ever watched Poirot, or Monk, yeah thats me. I have disinfectant wipes all over the place, in my laptop bag, in my car, on my desk, in my pocket.
7) I am an eternal optimist. Die hard one at that.
8) I am a late sleeper and a late riser. I can work or read or play all night, but for the life of me, cannot wake up early. Thats been a trait since school and continues to this day. So the cliche "Early to bed and early to rise" makes no sense to me.

Solving world poverty

KB is taken by surprise as I sneak behind him and tap him on his shoulder.
Me: KB whassup ?
KB: Huh...whoz that ?
Me: Don't jump, its just me.
KB: You scared the s*** out of me man.
Me: KB, I have been thinking all evening....
KB: (Oh here he goes...) Yeah, what ?
Me: We tend to analyse and solve almost all problems in the IT landscape. The field is so full of problems, but we essentially come up with smart solutions, don't we ?
KB: Like ?
Me: Just to give you one example, remember how we used to have this problem with unused server hardware lying in data centers, so people invented server virtualization. Now virtualization is the coolest thing.
KB: Ok, I get that. But what is the problem though ?
Me: The peeve that I have is that the real world is teeming with problems, and yet we don't have smart solutions that can solve those problems in one global sweep.
KB: (Bunches his eyebrows) OK, so ?
Me: So....we need to solve some real world problems man.
KB: We ? As in you and me ?
Me: Yeah, we gotta stay ahead and solve real problems too.
KB: Give me an example of what you want to solve.
Me: Sure..let me think, Ok, how about abolishing world poverty.
(KB falls down from his chair and rolls over with laughter.)
Me: I am serious man. You think I am kidding ?
KB: Ok, so how do you propose doing that ?
Me: Ok, there are about 6 billion people on the planet. A majority of them are poor. A disproportionate minority of them are stinking rich. So rich, that they could use currency for toilet paper all their lives and not even make a dent in their stash.
KB: Yes true, you know the blog next door, is run by such a guy. You should stop by one day and meet him.
Me: Yeah, maybe someday. (Hey, what are you doing reading the blog next door ?)
KB: And you were saying...
Me: Yeah, the dis proportionality of wealth. So my solution is pretty simple actually. Don't wait on the charity of the rich, thinking that it will trickle down to the poor. Use the power of open source. Open Source has revolutionized the way the IT world builds applications and products. Open source thrives inspite of the fact that majority of learned and rich people in the world would not spend time contributing to such open source work. But massive things get accomplished. Take for example, the Linux OS, the Tomcat Server, the JBOSS server. You name it and we have built it.
KB: That is a very keen observation.
Me: So, as an analogy, why can we not apply such open source solutions to solve world problems ?
KB: But how ?
Me: Well I don't know. Maybe like the X prize foundation's work, we could start open source projects that create solutions that indirectly will contribute towards solving world problems like poverty.
KB: Oh man, you are serious aren't you ? I was just playing along thus far, thinking you were kidding about this whole thing.
Me: Man, you bet I am serious. One example would be the creation of open source technology that increases grain production, produces easy fabrication machines that create objects given raw materials. For example, a machine that fabricates roofing material, with everyday waste or some stuff like that. Open source makes these inventions, patent free, so no royalty money is collected.
KB: Oh come on man, this is real life, not software. All these things that you talk about need physical resources and hard cash.
Me: Yeah, thats what the detractors of Open Source said too, when it was in its nascent stages. Look at whats happening now. The likes of IBM, Sun, even Microsoft are contributing and pitching in time and resources towards such projects. If you build a momentum, large corporations will follow. Look at where the X Prize foundation is going these days.
KB: Hmmm, as someone once said "You ain't so dumb after all !"

Dreams of Flying

Amit Varma of "LiveMint.com" has a very interesting take on flying in India and the shackles that still bind it. A must read.

These Dreams of Flying

24 September 2007

Politically Incorrect : Part II: And THIRD WORLD it screams !

Me: An embassy representing the world's largest democracy and an aspiring IT super power situated in the capitol of the world's only remaining super power. Just close your eyes and think about it for a minute. What comes to your mind. A beautiful building, set amidst a well maintained garden. A consular office spic and span, light indian carnatic music playing in the background. The smell of fresh incense, maybe a faint suprabhatam....

KB: Eeeeeeeeeek. Hellooo..... Are you kidding me ? What do you think this is, some pipe dream ? Hello, Mr Yogi ! Wake up.

Me: Sorry KB. I let myself dream for a minute.

KB: So what were you mumbling about again ?

Me: Please KB, don't get me started ! Anyway, now that you insist, I must narrate this experience. I had some paper work to take care of at the embassy(Actually the consulate, but that's besides the point). The consulate is located on what is known as the 'Embassy row' on Massachusets Avenue in Northwest D.C. A metro ride usually gets you the closest as you really don't want to look for parking around that side of town. The fact is none exist. The consulate itself was an old building, nothing to write about. especially considering some of the fabulous palace like embassies that I passed down the road, and we are not talking about embassies of european countries. I saw a beautifully designed embassy that belonged to an island nation that I had never heard of in my entire life. But anyway, I digress.

An arrow pointed me to the basement, indicating the location of the consular wing. I walked in, and saw an ocean of people. Wow ! i walked up to a cheap looking ticket dispensing machine so that I could pick up a token to stand in line. "Sorry", the ticket machine was broken. A hand scribbled note on it said, "Please stand in line for the next available representative." I looked up and saw two representatives. Period. One of them was multitasking. She was running back into the office to get some documents and forms, acting as an FAQ person, adjusting the temperature of the wall mounted airconditioning units(Yeah by the way, I forgot to mention that...it was the middle of summer here and the place was cooking) and also accepting applications. The other person was trying to act busy and was annoyed at everyone standing in front of her at the counter. Resigning to the fate of having to stand in a long lime, I scanned the room to figure out where to proceed. Tough luck. The line wound like a snake, got chopped off in between, then restarted elsewhere, just because no one guided the line, and probably because there were a few clueless people standing in the line.

A wait of an hour and a half or so, got me to the head of the line. Trust me, that is a long long long time to be standing in line in this part of the world. I know guys reading this in India, must think its a piece of cake, but around here, that is bad.

KB: That bad huh ?

Me: You bet. Oh I forgot one other part, there was a bookshelf against one of the walls. Each shelf was labelled, row suggesting the contents of the section. I don't remember all the labels, but they essentially were meant to contain brochures, flyers and other tourism related material to promote indian tourism. Guess how many of such books and brochures I found there ? ZERO. NONE. ZILCH. NADA. The indian grocery store near my home probably has more indian tourism brochures than that.

KB: Uhhhh...thats bad. Anything positive at all ?

Me: Well the multitasking lady at the counter was very well mannered and polite. She handled my paperwork pretty nicely and everything worked out well in the end. To me what was pretty annoying was the lack of interest that was so evident in the way that office was organized and functioned. At least 70-80% of the people waiting in line were western citizens, eager to obtain visas to visit india either for business or for pleasure. The least one could do was to present a decent enough face, that did not scream THIRD world, right off the bat. Yes, India is not a rich country, yes we don't have to have false pretensions. But there is no harm in showing a well maintained, well run, and tastily decorated embassy and consulate. Little things matter. These little things convey, how much you care, to be a representative of your land, your people and your culture. It matters. Yeah by the way, all the paper work was done by hand. I did not see a computer anywhere in that room, nor did the paper work that I later received have anything printed on it. It was all hand written ! So much for the goal of achieving e-governance and IT superpower status.

Anyway that was my first vent after a long hiatus. Just my two cents.

09 September 2007

Congrats Yogi

Hey Yogi, man..congrats on whatever happened man...that must be awesome... the only person on earth to have accomplished such a feat ! Yeah I know, I have never heard of anyone EVER EVER achieving what you have accomplished. WOW that is cool.

What are you talking about KB, you nincompoop ? Are you out of your mind ? Unwarranted raising of expectations is a very bad mannerism ? It does not grace an individual like you. So please refrain from such expletives, however good intentioned they might be. Also there is this matter of privacy one has to contend with. Imagine if this news spreads out across the internet and people from far and wide start calling him up for appointments ? Imagine that. Google might close his account because of bandwidth limitations. His family might sue him (Yeah especially in this day and age) for increasing their exposure to the media and causing mental harassment. I don't even want to start with the other list of problems that could crop up. So please.

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Am back !

Yipeeee !!!! Am back !!! For all the folks that missed my dear self...you know why I was missing. So please do not complain. But what I did not like about this brief absentia was that neither KB nor the Blog mother had the courtesy to inform my readers as to why I was away. I am cross with both of them and shall not invite them to post at least for a while. Well my hands are kinda tied and my lips sealed because of the public nature of a blog, but suffice to say, a milestone in a person's life has been crossed here. So that surely might sum up the reason for my absentia. So until the next blog this is the yogi saying Ciao.

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05 June 2007

Ever heard this before ?

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.
But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

For those who do not remember their history from school, its Lincoln. Yeah Abraham Lincoln.

17 May 2007


Good Night folks. Have a pleasant night for those in this part of the world. For the ones across the ocean, a very good morning. Rise and Shine ladies. Rise and Shine.

16 May 2007

Inspiring quote

Amazing quote from Dr. King.

The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral,
begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.
Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.
Through violence you may murder the liar,
but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth.
Through violence you may murder the hater,
but you do not murder hate.
In fact, violence merely increases hate.
So it goes.
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence,
adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness:
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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10 May 2007

Thinking ?

The process of collating a pile of random thoughts into some unreadable junk is typically known as blogging. In the true spirit of such unreadable regurgitations, I hereby present to you one more of those random outpourings.

One more addition to the retrospective seriesWriter's Block: Retrospective Series: Part 11: Greener on the other side.

08 May 2007

Linux Distro ?

Anybody ? Ok, I know people have been tired of being promised the world ...and still waiting with these Linux distros to be able to deliver on their promise of usurping the throne held by the big one...

The ubuntu guys are giving out free CDs. So if you want to pick up a distro and play with it, don't hesitate.

The link to download Ubuntu.

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Personal Firewall and free at that !

I've been looking for a good personal firewall and looks like PC Tools has a pretty decent one out there

PC Tools Firewall Plus

I still am testing its features, so am not 100% convinced. I have a pet peeve against all these firewalls, spyware detectors, anti viruses etc. I mean the OS is meant to be used for regular apps...from when did these add on utilities start chewing up all my resources. I mean come on, half my CPU is busy servicing these guys. Anways thats besides the point.

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06 May 2007

Conversations with KB: Merchandise designs

Here are some of the merchandise designs that KB and I have been toying around with. To make sure that both the ladies and the gents among our blog fans are satisfied, we have come out with amazing designs for both groups. Depending on the number of kids and teenagers that visit this blog (We are still crunching the numbers on that demographic..it takes a while because of the number of site hits, you know), we will soon be coming out with merchandise designs for the teenage and kid crowd. Please do send us feedback and we will try to accommodate your ideas into our merchandise. Suggestions for new merchandise are also welcome. KB was thinking of adding other stuff like coffee mugs, pens, buttons. Supplies are limited, so call fast. Operators are standing by right now !!
Psst...He doesn't even have one in stock. It costs 30 bucks a pop to design and print a T like this. Check out this link at Spread Shirt Designer

Conversations with KB: The Makeover

05 May 2007

Conversations with KB : Re-inventing the cloud.

Folks, KB and I have been having some intense conversations off camera. As part of the ideas that were discussed at the brainstorming sessions, this is the first phase of reforms that are being undertaken. I present to you an inside glimpse into "The creative studio of cloud 9".

Oh man, this is turning into megalomania. I better pull the plug on this KB fellow. Bad influence on K.

Straight from the browser !

This has got to be the best idea ever ! Oh, what is wrong with me. I think everything is a great idea these days ! Must be really dumb guy you think ! Ahhhh.... arg...rather.... can't even pronounce the right emotion ;)

Anyways this is being blogged from a device on my firefox browser. Called ScribeFire, it is an add on that lets you blog straight from the browser's mouth....err ...sorry about that cliche.

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28 April 2007

I can now blog in Hindi too !!!

Ok, I got to do this. I mean, this is amazingly creative. I just stumbled on it while editing my blog settings and I thought you all should know.

I can transliterate into Hindi now, thanks to Blogger's support for Devanagari script !! How cool is that !

So if you can read hindi, here goes.

नमस्ते ! आप हमारी ब्लोग पड़ने आये, थो हम आपके शुक्र गुज़ार है ! आप जैसे मेह्मानोंके बिना हमारी ब्लोग केवल एक काल्पनिक इच्छा रह जाती ! इस इच्छा कि पूर्थी के लिए आपकी कामना और सहयोग कि अवश्यक्था है !

Got it ? Excuse my Hindi in case you are are a Hindi pundit and are presently twitching your nose in utter disgust at the grammatical mistakes.

27 April 2007

Conversations with KB: The alter ego is in town.

Hey Karmayogi, knock knock !
Yeah, who is that ?
Its me, KayBee
KayBee, who ?
KB (Karmayogi's Blog), your blog, you idiot !
Oh you. So was it you who has been talking to me all this while ? I kept thinking it was something in my head ? Damn it KB, you almost got me checked into a mental institution.
What da ya mean, almost got checked in. You ought to be checked in. And don't you dare, take that tone with me...
Whadda ya mean ? I can damn well, take any tone I please.
You expect me to listen to all your garbage, keep all your embarrassing junk in public view and then on top of all that... this tone ! Blistering Barnacles !!

Hey, I know that phrase. I've heard it before.
Of course you have heard it before. Who do ya think, wrote that ?
Hergé for Captain Haddock in the "Adventures of Tintin" ?
Of course not silly, it was an older cousin of mine called Papier. Yeah Hergé might have co-ordinated with him, but thats a minor detail.
Whatever man, I don't have time for your crazy stuff... so why did you holler me for. Don't tell me its one of those stupid "knock knock" jokes.
Well, it sort of was, but now that you kinda blew my whistle, I don't think I wanna tell it.
Ok, then why don't you stop talking and let me get on with my work.
Why should I stop ? You tell me all sorts of stuff. Most of it utter nonsense.
Excuse me ! I happen to consider all the trivia I collect as very informative and many folks out there consider it educational, some even find it entertaining. A friend recently commented that "I am into heavy science and sci-fi stuff" See people do appreciate my trivia.
Ahem, sure, scores of folks indeed.. why stop at scores, lets say a multitude... get real bro, last time I checked you had visitors to the blog countable on one hand.
What da ya mean ?
Don't you think I notice these things .. I am 'The Blog' after all.
What nonsense ? Don't you see the site counter jumping like crazy ?
Yeah sure it jumps, but that's just because you keep coming to checkout the site yourself. How pathetic is that ?
What ? How dare you heap such insult ?
You wanna see the stats buddy, let me educate you. Last week you had some visitors from India(1 from Delhi, Calcutta and the other one from Bangalore I think), 3 entries from the US and
Stop stop stop....don't you realize you are mouthing off private information dude ? You are exposing client personal information. I could be sued for inappropriate disclosure.
Yeah yeah , whatever, anyways my point is that you need to be more creative. Your posts are damn boring...outright stupid sometimes. First check your grammar before you post and yeah....please, none of your damn cuckoo posts again!
So you are gonna teach me how to post now ?
Damn right I am !
Alright, I am a reasonable person.Very open to criticism and ideas and I will take this critique standing up. Not that I accept your contention that we have very few visitors. I know we have lots, because I check the stats too, but nevertheless, I would like to hear your strategy for a revamp of this blog... ahem, I mean, what I write.
Sure, grab a piece of paper and pen. Sorry, thats old world talk, I meant grab a piece of your Google notepad, and start typing my notes.

Please stay tuned as we listen in to KB's and Karmayogi's blog churning. If you are already sick and tired of this, you probably are sick and tired. You need Motrin, try 350mg over the counter, if that doesn't work ask your medical practitioner for a 650mg prescription.

26 April 2007

A trillion dollars !

Shh... shh.. shh...
Hmm, what ?
Did you hear ?
Hear what ?
About the trillion dollars.
Oh that, yeah I did hear about it. Cool isn't it !!
Cool man... awesome.
Can we get some of it ?
No way, you think they are stupid to give it away to everyone.
But, can I not claim some Indian origin thing or some reservation or quota ?
Nah, I doubt if you will get a piece of that pie.
Maybe I should run for office
Oh, yeah, that is definitely a good idea. Then you might get a good chunk.

Just in case you were wondering what this was all about, you will find the answer here.

So whatz wrong with my look ?

Ever wondered why I look the way I look. Ahem, I mean, you know what I mean. So you are probably thinking, this guy is just kinda messing with us. I am not. Why should I be ? So what makes you think I am any different than what I appear to be in my profile photograph.
But that is a chimp, isn't it ?
Yeah, so ?
But I thought you were Indian.
Yeah, chimps can be of Indian origin too.
Oh....but come on, Chimps don't quote Descartes.
Are you kiddin me ? Heard of 'Planet of the Apes' ?
Oh, yeah ! They even have apes riding horses in that movie
Movie..what movie ? I was talking about the 'Planet of the Apes'.
What is that ? I thought it was a movie.
No ! Its an actual planet.
Ok, this is getting crazy. So are you really a chimp ? Please stop messing with me.
Yup, I swear I am exactly the way you see me.
But I just saw you talk about a cryptography research paper. So they allow chimps in school these days ?
Of course. How else would they get to fill in all those vacant seats.
Good point. So do you swing on trees and stuff.
Naah. Thats for immature chimps. I am too sophisticated for all that nonsense. I still suck my thumb though.
Loud thump. The other person has fainted
Hello, u still there ? Yellow.....

22 April 2007

Day 2 of the Research Paper.

Sure, here we are...day 2 of the research paper. I was supposed to be working on it since the beginning of the semester. The mad scramble as the deadline looms...hmm, why can't I learn from my past? Why ? Please, if there is someone out there, please tell me why ? Hmmm... no sound... looks like there's no one out there.

Anyway, still looking for crypto related papers. You know one other thing that boggles me is, I always want to blog when I am under pressure. I have deadlines looming and then there bam.... no writer's block, everything just dawns on me. I have a topic to write about. (However silly it might seem to others, but hey, my ego says that's the trip you wanna take !)

Some murmurs can be heard in the background... people talking..."So, what is the point of this blog entry again ? Poor thing, looks like the research paper has at last taken its toll. He's gone completely cuckoo. One really did fly over the cuckoo's nest. Well do they have Cuckoo's in North America ? They might, how else do you explain Jack Nickholson's movie"

Shannon's perfect secrecy theorem and one time pads for encryption are great, but I don't even think that is the topic of my paper. My paper is on WiMax. What the heck ? Why am I researching one time pads again ? Oh great...let me be back, please hold , while I figure this mystery out.

21 April 2007

My own Visual DNA

This is my Visual DNA

Jasmine, short stories and all

Long story short... working on my school assignment.
Cryptography question...hmmm I am sure google has the answer.
Something about photon based cryptography to produce unbreakable ciphers.

Ok google throws up stuff.
I am browsing, chance upon someone's blog. (Jacob Mathai)

From there I find a random link (again, nothing intented) and reach something called
"55s and then some", hmmm smattering of entries... viewed profile....took me to another one "Musings" ... and found some gems there.


Just in case you are wondering about the bread crumbs, this is how I started.
Perfect Encryption

Talk about Wordsworths "As I wandered lonely as a cloud..."

Meanwhile in my world here....
Spring is at last with us, albeit reluctantly. My Jasmine was thirsting for some sunlight...she's out on the deck now, poor thing. Took her out this morning. She ain't no cat, she is actually a Jasmine plant, growing indoors all through winter.
But then you thought, how could I name a Jasmine plant, Jasmine. Duh !

02 March 2007

Stock Slide

Boy oh boy..every body takes a beating with the Stock market. Man this was brutal for me too. Damn.
All this because of a computer glitch. Who are these bozos, playing with other peoples money ... (He He He... wink wink, isn't that the whole point of the stock market...playing with others money !! Chuckle Chuckle.)
The New York Times.
Chicago Tribune

15 February 2007

Martian spa

Water on Mars !!! The New York Times reports that there is new evidence of water on Mars. Hmmm, interesting, well, good, so lets find some good pools of water, and start terraforming.. first lets send in some algae that will convert the martian surface into moist soil using the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, then slowly create an atmosphere....then create a resort, then send the rich guys, then slowly make it cheaper so that middle class guys can go there and finally by the time I retire, maybe even I can retire on Mars ! Whew..thats one huge wish list. Oh yeah all possible, all we need to do...stop spending on arms, lock up all dictators in the world, free everyone in the world, solve poverty, universal health care, education for all on earth... you know what, dreams aside, maybe we should start with terra forming earth first. Stop our own bad habits or else we will soon need Mars as Plan B. So next time you leave that light on in your room or keep the tap on while shaving.. TURN IT OFF !!!

11 February 2007

Pipe dreams !

Seriously, there is no dearth of imaginative ideas and the internet is the home of such eureka moments. Look at this new concept from Yahoo called Yahoo Pipes. It basically allows one to build their own custom aggregation of aggregations and then render it to reflect awesome hidden meanings and interpretations. I am sure its final use will be much more world changing and cleverer, than what it is being currently used for. Right now its just a bunch of RSS feeds being mixed and matched to create some awesome examples of captioned pictures and the like. I imagine it will go a long way in helping us achieve the goal of the Semantic Web. But that's gonna be a bit ways away. Meanwhile I liked what I saw, so thought you all should know too (Sure..why not, like this is the only news source in the world, and I am the only reporter alive !)

A good example of a pipe.
Check out this pipe that I created.

10 February 2007


21st Century Corporations. Hah ! I love Dilbert. Geeky, techy, comical. Oh yeah of course it is a comic strip !

07 February 2007

Retrospective Series 10: Cold winters and early mornings

We've had a relatively mild winter this year. But things have suddenly changed for the worse in February. Tonight as I tap out these words, the mercury is hovering in the single digits outside. Its pretty warm and cozy inside, thanks to the central air conditioning. Yeah when I talk about single digits, I mean temperature ... Read More...

04 February 2007

Superbowl XLI

The 2006 American Football playoffs are here. The Indianapolis Colts vs The Chicago Bears. I am gonna root for the underdogs because everyone says the Colts are gonna win easily. But hey what the heck.
More NFL news at Sports Illustrated.

Update: Well the Bears did start off great...so I was right in backing them...but then they petered away that gain...and lost it...anyway a good sunday game ! Trivia: The first time an african american coached football team has made it in the superbowl !

Vakyathil Prayogikkuka (Use the following words in sentences of your own)

For the folks that can read transliteral malayalam, here goes some examples of double entendre. I picked this up from an anonymous friend of my cousin's on orkut. So the original source shall remain unknown.

POTTICHIRI - Adukkalayil undayirunna biscuit
packet aaro pottichirikkunnu

VIMMISHTAM - Idhu vare EXO dishwash bar upyogitchu madutha ammayikku ippol vimmishtamaayi

SADAACHAARAM - Jolikkaari aduppilninnum sadaa chaaram vaarum.

UTHARAM MUTTI - Innale thattinpurathu kayariyappol,ente thalayil uththaram mutti.

PIDIKITTUKA - Kuda nashttappettengilum athinte pidikitti

ADICHELPPIKKUKA - Ravile ezhunelkkathirunna ramuvine achan adichelppichu

JEEVIKKUKA - G vikkuka budhimuttanekil ini kurachu naal H vikkan sramikkam..

ETTUM POTTUM - 8 muttakal tharayil ittappol manasilaaayi, ettum pottum!

MUDANTHAN NYAAYAM - Innale kavalayil oru mudanthan nyaayam prayunnathu kettu.

AZHIMATHI - Veedu panithappol sit outtil jannal mathiyennnu achan paranjappo tintumon
paranju venda AZHI MATHI..

AAROPANAM - Innale bank locker kuthi-thurannu aaro panam moshtichu

26 January 2007

Had to post this

I just found this quote and it had to be posted. No two ways about it.
"A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero (originally in Latin) & also attributed to G. K. Chesterton


You know, you think you've seen it all !

Yes, you know you think you have seen it all. But trust the internet, so here goes the picture of three lanky guys... well you figure it out man, I dunno. You tell me who these three guys are. If you think you are THE GUY, then I say, post me a comment and tell me who these guys are !

Way to go young lady !

Hey, I just remembered... India celebrates her Republic day! A satellite re-enters earth and soft lands in the Bay of Bengal.... way to go young lady of 60. Way to go!

21 January 2007


The VOOM network's Equator Channel is a joy to watch. I mean if you have seen Discovery or National Geographic TV and were impressed, lets just multiply that by a greater degree, say 10 and that should describe the overall level of this channel. I am thoroughly impressed. If you are in north america, and have HD, you must check this out.

Plato's Republic

Irrationality is seen as a dominant element in human nature. An example of this view can be found in Thucydides's account of the Corcyraean revolution.
Then, with the ordinary conventions of civilized life thrown into confusion, human nature,...showed itself proudly in its true colors, as something incapable of controlling passion, insubordinate to the idea of justice.

Plato, however, saw man's true nature as rational and believed that civilized society must be organized, and civilized life conducted according to rational principles.
Doesn't this sound too familiar. From the age when Plato's Republic was played out, to this day, we have the same tug of war between the two forces.

The debate continues...

16 January 2007

Happy New Year and the hiatus

Ok, now that the hiatus is over, it might be worthwhile wishing 'Happy New Year'. Agreed that it is kinda belated....but hey what the heck, redemption is never closed out to late comers.

Got a truck load of junk that I would love to upload here, but maybe later. Got to take it easy now that the jinx has been broken. The Orkut barnstorm that has been brewing caught me by such a huge surprise...man oh man, the world IS CONNECTED....if you were living in the 13th century, please wake up...the world is INDEED CONNECTED. Its amazing what I discovered...but more on that later..patience is a virtue.

The iPhone (Steve, you got to be kidding me..come on man, lower the prices a wee bit) and other stuff will grace this year's slogboard.

Reading some exciting new books, in pretty diverse areas...so will keep that going.

Of course the retrospective series has to be revived too. Watch out for the blog and awe coming your way !!